Ingenious Packing: Highlight Items You Might Forget

Packing. I could go on and on forever about the subject, but there’s one small tip that makes a huge difference.

Oddly enough, I picked this up while I was browsing Amazon while I was researching packing lists a couple of months ago. (The things you do when you run a travel blog!) But it made such complete sense that I can’t believe I never thought to use a highlighter in conjunction with a packing list.

The basic gist of it is that you use a packing list as you would normally. The highlighter is used to emphasize any remaining items that may not get packed in advance or can’t be packed until the very last minute. Mary J. says that:

Usually I’ll pack most of my stuff the night before the trip, but there are always a few last minute items (cellphone charger) that can’t be packed until morning. I use a highlighter to remind myself that they are “still unpacked” in the morning.

Like I’ve mentioned before, these are the items that tend to get forgotten behind the most. Of course everyone has their own method—including me—for dealing with this problem but if you deal with complicated packing procedures, this one tip makes a pretty dramatic difference.

(If you’re wondering what packing list is pictured above, it’s the Pack This! pad from Knock Knock. Not too hard to make your own either!)


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