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What You Can Learn From the TSA’s Instagram

What do firearms, doggies and a potload of weed all have in common? I’ll let you take a guess.

Everyone loves to hate TSA agents. But you know what? It really isn’t fair to them. That’s something I’ve always known that in theory like some nebulous physics concept, but found hard to remember that when queued at those airport stress points (security checks). I could always feel my pressure slowly rise…until, one day, I stumbled across the TSA’s Instagram account. It’s humanized—or canine-nized—the agency and what they do.

The posts run the gamut from stunning portraits of bomb-sniffing pups to confiscated cat-shaped brass knuckles, with just a bit of cheeky humor. When what’s plucked and posted is two throwing daggers nested in a hollowed-out “book” to a chapter entitled “Ninja Equipment,” it’s a joke that been dying to made. They take their jobs seriously but at the end of they get to laugh at how ridiculous this is, too. And their approximate 150,000 followers are in on it.

Other than finally fully developing empathy for the TSA, there’s a lot to learn following their Instagram.

They’re up against some tricky bastards. 

A dagger hidden with a comb? How does that even show up on the screen? 

They’re not looking for drugs.

But if they find them… duty calls.

They don’t want your passports.

First thing’s first once through that body scanner: Check for a passport.

Their dogs are just the best.

Look at that guy!

TSA agents are talented and participate in the community.

It doesn’t get much more patriotic than this.

Kids are cute and can keep their shoes on.

We all should see TSA agents through the eyes of a child.

What’s art to one person is suspicious to another.

This definitely is getting hung on any family fridge.

Fireworks — no.

Even if it’s the Fourth of July.

Tasers — also no.

Even when it looks like lipstick.

But not everything is forbidden.

Cheers to that.

No one has time for replicas.

This table full of inert/replica bombs shows exactly why security lines can be so long and slow. Case-in-grenade point that it’s not the TSA’s fault—it’s our fellow travelers’ fault.

They’re not looking to take your belongings.

Whether it’s a pretty guitar or even a lampshade.

Not sure? There’s an app for that. 

Between the Instagram and the app, other agencies could take some coolness lessons from the TSA. Add a blog to the impressive list of their digital media offerings and proof that they’re really just trying to help.

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