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The Only Time It’s Cheaper to Check In Than Carry On

Strangely, is on a flight with Frontier. That’s because if you take a look closely at the baggage policy, a prepaid checked bag is currently $20 and a prepaid carry on bag is $30. Yep, that’s correct.

The nice part is that if passengers sign up for their Discount Den program, which is free until June 30, they’ll get $5 off either bag. This lowers the cost of a checked bag to $15 ($30 roundtrip) and a carry-on bag to $25 ($50 roundtrip).

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Proof that this shiz actually happens.

So while many might be lamenting about how crappy Frontier has gotten, it’s gotten better in some ways. One thing is for sure: Frontier in conjunction with Discount Den has one of the cheapest checked bag policies out of all the domestic airlines right now, just behind Southwest and JetBlue. It’s only a matter of time before the axe hits JetBlue, though.

The Only Time It’s Cheaper to Check In Than Carry On via @maphappy
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[Frontier Airlines]

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