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A Quick Guide to Rental Car Pick-up and Drop-Off Services

Katy Perry blasting from the radio, sunglasses in check. But how to get to the rental car first without, umm, having a car?

There really should be no arranging rides or calling Uber when it comes to getting to a rental car. Most rental car centers actually offer easy and convenient pick-up and drop-off service. Usually all it takes is a quick phone call to the rental location or adding it to the reservation to schedule the service. Pick-up and drop-off services are free of charge—well, more like it’s included in the rental fee already—but I’ll take it if it means I don’t have to stress about calling and paying for a cab or an Uber.

But there are a couple of catches. For starters, most rental car companies only offer the service at local centers. (This means no airports but that is why airport shuttles exist.) Timing can also be an issue. Because staff perform the pick-ups and drop-offs, these can only occur during business hours.

For example, Hertz only offers its service one hour after opening and one hour prior to closing making it a little less convenient. This is especially crucial on Sundays when they have shortened hours.

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This is where it gets scheduled on the reservation. (Placeit)

Car AgencyPick-Up and Return Service?Minimum Distance Required
AvisPick-up only. Offer pickup and drop-off for “Car in Shop” rentals.5 miles
BudgetPick-up only.Depends on location
DollarYesDepends on location
EnterpriseYesDepends on location
FoxOnly to and from the airportn/a
HertzYes15 miles
A Quick Guide to Rental Car Pick-up and Drop-Off Services via @maphappy
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