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Best Ways to Fall Asleep on a Plane? Crab Position, Of Course

Book your seat according to the side you normally sleep on. Brilliant? I think yes.

Work the World recently created this quirky infographic with tips for falling asleep on a plane. (Other methods not included: This and this.) Sleeping onboard can lead to some pretty hilarious sleeping positions but there are also things I never even thought of before: putting a neck pillow under the chin instead of behind the neck. This way when I fall asleep and my head lulls forward (attractive, I know) my head is supported. Or a footrest? Hello dreamland.

There is one ingenious tip: “All positions should only be attempted after take-off and confirmation from cabin crew that is it safe to remove seat belts and adjust chairs. To avoid being disturbed by cabin crew, keep your seat belt visible above your blanket.” Because, you know.

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[Work the World]

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