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Creating That Go-To Emergency Travel Kit

Back when I was a kid, it was called building a earthquake kit (totally grew up in L.A., can’t you tell?). But I guess building a travel kit isn’t too far off, considering the disaster travel is these days.

It all sounds a bit crazy but I’ve found it really useful to keep a few separate kits stocked for a trip always ready to go. It really makes packing THAT much easier (ie I can only focus on packing clothes only) and I worry less about forgetting or losing things. 

For every necessity I have at home, I have a nice pocket travel-sized companion in my toiletry or flight kit. Buying double the fun can seem ridiculous some time but it saves a ton of time in terms of not having to make an emergency trip to Target while I’m really supposed to be eating a cupcake in my spare time.

I always make it a point to keep a double of these things around:

Anyone got anything else they want to add to the list?

Creating That Go-To Emergency Travel Kit via @maphappy
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