Because Twitter Is Mean to Andie MacDowell

It’s hard being famous, you guys! Especially when releasing your thoughts into the wild via Twitter.

Actress Andie MacDowell (best known by me for her amazing performance in “Magic Mike XXL”) caught considerable flack for a tweet she wrote after getting bumped from first class on an American Airlines flight. Because she got a downgrade while traveling with her dog. 

This is the tweet in question:


According to View from the Wing, there was no space for her pet underneath the first class bulkhead seat. So naturally she was bumped back to where she could properly store her pet.

Though perhaps her complaint could have been phrased a bit more diplomatically (sooo difficult to do with such a limited number of characters), I don’t see too much wrong with it. She paid for first class but sat in coach after dealing with an alleged not-so-great customer service experience.

Sure, she could have checked the rules and fine print. I know, I know—first world problems. (Sometimes, being upset about someone complaining about first world problems is just another first world problem.) But it’s not completely unreasonable for her to, you know, have some feelz about the whole affair.

Some were critical of her perceive haughty tone and disdain for coach class. But who doesn’t despise coach deep down? I know I do, and I only fly coach. If anything, I give her points for semantic innovation. I believe “Tourist class” is the new “cellar door”: the most beautiful phrase in the English language. It sounds much nicer than “coach.”

The whole thing is so trivial. So c’mon guys. Leave Andie alone. She does charity and loves animals or whatever.

Thankfully the whole thing has blown over now—as most minor celebrity twitter controversies are wont to do.

Because Twitter Is Mean to Andie MacDowell via @maphappy
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[View from the Wing]

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