T-Mobile Tuesdays Is Offering $10 Off the Next Lyft Ride

Our favorite carrier of choice for traveling, T-Mobile, is offering $10 off Lyft rides for all users.

Like we needed any more reason to switch over? Free international data roaming and texting, one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and more.

In addition to all the great travel perks, T-Mobile also offers free offers to its customers every Tuesday through its T-Mobile Tuesday app. In the past, its ranged from $2 Dunkin’ Donuts cards to $40+ off hotels through HotelStorm. This week features a great Lyft deal for $10 off.

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From T-Mobile Tuesday to Lyft app.

The credit is available to new and existing users. It must be saved inside the T-Mobile Tuesday app and added to the Lyft app by February 6 by 4:59 am EST.

Users will have until the end of February to use their free ride.

T-Mobile Tuesdays Is Offering $10 Off the Next Lyft Ride via @maphappy
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