Cash App Is Offering 5% Discounts On Airbnb and Lyft

It’s easy to get stuck in the Venmo rut, but Cash, the Square-owned competitor, has always sweetened the pots by offering noticeable discounts to its users.

Recently, the app has seemed to add Airbnb and Lyft discounts for those users that take advantage of the Cash Card. Each discount is 5% off total purchase, and like all great Cash boosts, they are reusable until the company pulls the offer.

Pro Tip New Cash users can get $5 (in real cash) for joining the app; and so do we if you do. Use code FLMBTBJ for signing up.

It’s unclear how long these boosts will remain available for users, so take advantage of them while you can! (But perhaps consider using another card might yield travel insurance benefits.)

Here are the Boost terms for both:

Min Purchase$0$2
Max Discount$7.50$20
Use Every1 Hour1 Hour

The most interesting thing about the discounts is they reset every hour, meaning it is possible to make one Airbnb booking, and then another Airbnb booking after an hour, and receive the discount each time.

(Basically, a $400 Airbnb booking would yield a $20 discount. A $150 Lyft ride would yield a $7.50 discount. If you’re interested in maxing those savings.)

Some Boosts are location dependent, but for now these two are definitely showing up for the New York City area.

Cash App Is Offering 5% Discounts On Airbnb and Lyft via @maphappy
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