FlySafe Tells You the Best Airline for Health and Safety Ratings

FlySafe is a Google Chrome extension that tells travelers which airlines are taking the best measures to protect their passengers’ health. Something much needed in this day and age.

Basically, when travelers are doing flight searches, FlySafe pops up as an additional sidebar to a particular flight’s information. FlySafe provides information on six criteria: air filtration, capacity caps, provided PPE, flexible policies,1seat blocking, and sanitizing.

In a nutshell, all the information we aim to provide, but when the fingers are doing all the walking and the wallet is doing the paying.

Strangely, putting it to the test, Google Flights automatically knew that the LAX-NYC route was the most relevant route for us. Curiously, we hovered over flight info for both a Delta and American flight. Here’s what popped up for us (by all reports, Delta has been doing a great job, and American not so much):

So far, keeping in line with everything we’ve sussed out. The extension does do a slightly deeper dive for those interested.

Information on domestic airlines is pretty well provided. Information for international routes is available, though it is less reliable and dependent on airline. For instance, a search to London yielded information for Lufthansa, but turned up nothing for TAP Air Portugal.

(It was only tested on Google Flights. So far, we have not tested it on any other search engine, but we will update it once this piece once we do.)

It’s a great little timesaver powered by Pilota, a travel startup that uses security and AI to predict flight information.

But like with life, don’t take anything for granted these days, and do research, research. Airline policies are changing faster than we can snap our fingers!

Check out the gallery.

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  1. Everyone’s flexible!
FlySafe Tells You the Best Airline for Health and Safety Ratings via @maphappy
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