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How To Cook in a Hotel Room in its Full Ghetto Gloriousness

Nothing says *first-class travel* like… making a grilled cheese on a hotel iron?

Natalie Tran from Lonely Planet has this amazing video on what it’s really like to cook in a hotel room, in its full ghetto-glorious usefulness. Because not everyone is so graciously expensed with a large per diem, and after a while, those meals out are really going to get to you.

Some of those things that she attempts? Soft-boiled eggs and oatmeal.

There’s a reason why I prefer hostels and Airbnbs compared to hotels. But, I’m also not going to say no if a client wants to put me up at a place where the hotel bed thread-sheet count exceed the thread-sheet count on the linens I have at home. Let’s be real.

By the way, for those that want to serve up something a little less ghetto, Josh and Mike Greenfield, or better known as Brothers Green, have a video making some tasty looking steak with some bare kitchen tools.

It’s properly ingenious. I watched the full eleven minutes, and nothing can hold my attention that long.


Except for maybe a piece of steak.

How To Cook in a Hotel Room in its Full Ghetto Gloriousness via @maphappy
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