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How To Decorate an RV Trailer & Make It Your Own

It’s no secret that RV rentals and sales are through the roof right now. Maybe you’ve already purchased a ride of your own. Or, if you’re like me, rent the occasional campervan now and then. Airstream trailer, anyone?

Adding a few personalized touches can go a long way toward making it feel like a space of your own. Even if it’s just for a weekend getaway. After all, home is where you are.

Since, let’s face it, we are more travel than interior décorating experts, Pinterest (search RV decorating ideas) and Instagram ( hashtags like #rvdecor and #retroRV) are both great spots for finding decoration inspiration.

There’s also Tin Can Tourists, a vintage trailer and camper club that’s been around since 1919. If you’re a fan of anything old school, their social media images will leave you salivating.

Making a home away from home

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Bring the Moka pot! (barnimages.com / Flickr)

If you’re renting…

For renters especially, little bits of home can really add an air of comfort to an RV.

Sleep better in your own sheets? Have them ready. Then spruce up the living space with a few favorite accessories, like kitchen towels and framed photos, for a familiar touch.

You might be fine with a camper stove for cooking, but is that electric Mr. Coffee that the RV comes with really gonna cut it for the morning brew? Instead, bring along that Italian-made Moka Pot, which makes a good, rich cup of coffee, from your house kitchen instead. (Other great options include an AeroPress!)

If it’s your own…

If the RV is for keep, why not go hog wild with the décor? Etsy is a one-stop shop for retro curtains, vintage tablecloths, and everything needed to make it fun and festive.

A fresh coat paint can do wonders to brighten the environment. Some patterned throw pillows, lay down a couple shag rugs, or get creative with the seat upholstery to help invigorate the space even more.

If it’s a relaxing ambiance you’re going for, considering installing DIY mood lighting.

For the best use of space, think about hanging coffee mugs on hooks, or mounting the TV rather than have it sitting it on the counter. Instagram’s @sophia.p.villa transformed a handy wall-hanging into storage for her little one’s stuffed animals. Think up and down when there’s limited space!

How about an RV home office? Bloggers Ashley and Mike of JoyfullyGrowingBlog provide DIY tutorials and decor tips for anyone on a budget. Besides, if you want to learn the best way to paint a motorhome’s interior walls, this is the place to go.

Re-fabbed.com pinned this pic of a worn-out fifth-wheel, or large towable motorhome, and replaced its interior’s white ceiling with a corrugated metal one, and transformed a drag living space (with a teal-and-red color scheme) into a groovy retreat.

The outside is just as important as the inside!

Ready to take your RV’s curb appeal up a few notches? Just a few little tricks can help make its exterior as kick-ass as its interior.

If you plan on keeping the RV stationary for a few days, create an outdoor living space with some Adirondack chairs (known for their tall, slatted back and wide armrests) and weather-resistant throw pillows. Then center them around a portable fire pit for a setting perfect for s’mores and storytelling.

String some sparkling lights on your awning with plastic clips, or wrap them around trees to make your space feel extra festive.

Some RVers also hang flags or signs engraved with their names and friendly sayings like, “Happy Campers,” or “Welcome to Our Home Away from Home,” which enhances the neighborly vibe.

RVing around the holidays? Hanging a wreath on the RV’s front door or laying out a holiday mat can help you take part in the season without spending too much dough.

Of course, you can always give your RV exterior the ultimate makeover with a color-coordinated paint job that’ll make you the envy of every vehicle on the road. But if your goal is just finding a place to hide a catbox in an RV, that’s legitimate too.

How To Decorate an RV Trailer & Make It Your Own via @maphappy
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