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How To Manually Update an Amazon Kindle

My first Kindle lasted six years! and I don’t think I ever realized it could update. Here’s a quick guide to ensure the latest Amazon Kindle firmware is installed.

Maybe I always expected the device would automatically update itself, or the inherent reading experience was already so satisfactory that it never even crossed my mind.

In most cases, most updates should be synced, downloaded and updated wirelessly. But there have been instances where Kindles don’t seem to register any new updates, and a manual update must be performed.

Besides, its not like this is a supercomputer that’s like super smart. But IT IS SO GOOD for reading and passing the time on a plane.

Identifying the Kindle and firmware version.

There are a bajillion Amazon Kindle makes and models out there, and they all have different firmware versions that they can support, or can update to. This list displays all the model numbers, which can be found at the back of the device (the serial number won’t help much). 

From there on out, Amazon has each model’s firmware update depending on the make. It turns out I’ve got the Kindle Paperwhite, 7th generation. According to Amazon, the latest version is 5.9.7. 

To find out what version the Kindle is, quickly navigate from SettingsDevice Info.

For instance, a quick reveal informs us that our Kindle is running 5.8.11, which isn’t the latest update by far.

From there on out, there are two methods for updating the Kindle, depending on whether there’s a wireless connection available.

Upgrading wirelessly.

To perform the wireless update, simply sync up to a network and navigate to the following settings in order to enable.
In theory, the navigation looks like this:

SettingsDevice OptionsUpdate Your Kindle

If Update Your Kindle is greyed out, it indicates the Kindle is running the latest version or it doesn’t register the update. In our case, we have to move to a manual upgrade.

Upgrading manually through USB.

From the firmware page, there is a direct download to the latest .bin file, which will allow the user to perform the upgrade via USB. The process isn’t that much more complicated.

Download the file, and once the file is downloaded, connect the Kindle to a computer via USB. Transfer the file onto the Kindle, but don’t put it in a folder. It should be in the top root folder of the device. (Downloading it directly there will not work.)

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The file should be in the root folder.

Disconnect the device, and go through the same settings in the wireless options to start the process.

Meaning, go through the above steps.

SettingsDevice OptionsUpdate Your Kindle

Update Your Kindle should no longer be greyed out. Go ahead and select it, and the Kindle will update. Voilร  !

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The magic screen.

How To Manually Update an Amazon Kindle via @maphappy
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