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Repurposing Those Weird Travel Amenities (Like the Shower Cap)

After awhile, all those little oddities and ends add up. I can’t remember the last my shoes were shined, but trust me, I have a shoe brush if the going gets rough.

Mini shampoos and conditioners seem to add up rather endlessly after a while, but they’re easy to use and dispose after a trip. It’s the other less obvious stuff like suitcase bags, amenity pouches and shower caps that leave us at a loss at what to do with them afterwards.

But with a little creativity, there’s always a way to reuse and recycle. Travel sustainability, and all of that.

First- and Business- Class Kits

It’s odd that this is such a topic of discussion, but it’s a popular subject. First- and business- class amenity kits offer so many reusable storage options ranging from creating a DIY first aid kit to doubling as an iPad case that it’s tough to nail down a singular usage for them. This level of organization would make the Japanese proud!

Our favorite way to use them is as receipt bags, for tracking all of those business travel expenses on the road. 

Suitcase Bag

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Use it to haul the clothes down. (Doctor Popular / Flickr)

Dustbags for purses? Mmkay. Dustbags for suitcases? Those things are designed to get beaten up.

Besides, there is no way I am going to throw a now completely God-knows-what-it-seen suitcase back into a clean cloth bag.

However, they do repurpose into great laundry bags, and haul things marvelously down to the laundry room or laundromat (depending on the strength of the bag, of course, and how heavy the load is). 

Shower Cap

In no great way shape or fashion would most normal human beings seek out and buy shower caps. These products are designed for the fairer sex; and for the most part, within a certain segment of the fairer sex.

But for some reason, they’re just in abundance in hotel rooms worldwide.

Shower caps, for their proliferation across hospitality establishments, do also serve other useful functions besides to keep hair dry. For instance, they are great for making bread and covering the dough as it rises. Am I a genius or what?

On a somewhat serious note, it is far more economical and sustainable to use one than saran wrap.

Ear Plugs

Because, New York City, but after a while, most people get used to the city noise. But most people don’t really get used to hearing their house mate, um, partake in more intimate activities.

Airline Pillow and Blanket

Look, whatever you gotta do to get through the work day.

Repurposing Those Weird Travel Amenities (Like the Shower Cap) via @maphappy
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