KAYAK’s Trip Huddle Is Another Great Tool for Group Travel Planning

Hey KAYAK! Not sure why we just got the memo on this one.

Today, KAYAK launched a new tool called Trip Huddle that’s supposed to ease the group of trip planning. Essentially, the feature lets a bunch of people share a bunch destinations, dates and accommodation options. Then everyone puts it to a vote.

So far, we like it.

In fact, it may be our favorite. Are we allowed to pick favorites?

The things that we like about it is it’s simple enough to use without being overly complicated, while letting everyone have a fair say about what happens. Plus, it doesn’t make you sign-up for anything, nor make you download an app.

Participants are allowed to rate dates, destinations, and options from 1 to 3 stars. The stars add up without regard to who rated them, so if two users rate a place 2 stars, the tally for that vote count is 4 stars.

The organizer does need to have a KAYAK account, but the trip can be shared by a link, or you can spam everyone’s email to annoy everyone even further.

Putting together an example trip.

For this example trip, there’s nothing like a bunch of high-maintenance girls trying to plan something together during the height of wedding season.

I’m entitling this, the “I don’t want to plan a bachelorette, ugh” trip.

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This is how you start.

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Pick dates.

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Pick destinations.


Honestly, it’s pretty straightforward. Grab link, send it to everyone, have them vote.

Feel free to participate in this hated bachelorette party too, if you like. There is actually no bachelorette, so feel free to play around it in action with a burner email account. I know you have one.

KAYAK’s Trip Huddle Is Another Great Tool for Group Travel Planning via @maphappy
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