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Ladies, Pack These Five Key Items for Your Next Trip

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Can you imagine what guys have to do to get ready? If it were that simple. To be honest, though, though they might arguably have it easier when it comes to wardrobe, I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.

There are so many options for breathing life into what you wear, whether that’s a vibrant array of colors and accessories, that that’s really half the fun in of itself. (There’s no reason to look terrible for those Instagram photos either.)

Here are five things to consider packing for that next trip. Bet there’s one right around the corner.

1. Scarves are necessary and beautiful accessories

It gets cold on the plane and, news flash, the blankets seemed to have pull a disappearing act these days. Scarves are an essential part of traveling because they do a great job of adding warmth when needed and adding a little bit of flair before jetting off to the airport. Added bonus: Do it up with big sunglasses à la Grace Kelly.

2. A sturdy pair of boots

These boots are made for walkin’… and made for walkin’. Said Nancy Sinatra, and if she said so, boots must be awesome.  There are so many different boots out there, so pick the right type of boot depending on how fun and funky the destination is. Personally, it’s a great idea to wear them on the plane to minimize packing.

3. Comfortable pair of pants

Because, hello, traveling is uncomfortable!

4. Dresses, dresses, dresses

She's got the right idea. (Nickolai Kashirin / Flickr)
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She’s got the right idea. (Nickolai Kashirin / Flickr)

It may be a dude’s world out there but dresses are something I firmly feel sorry for the less fairer sex when it comes to traveling. Dresses are incredibly lightweight and versatile pieces of clothing for changing things up. Should I need to add a little bit of pizzaz, I’ll throw some funky tights on or wear some bright-colored heels to liven up. (Also great for layering.)

As long as the dress in question is easy to care for and isn’t a New Years-gala inspired piece—nothing wrong with that!—dresses can be the ultimate coup d’etat piece in a traveling wardrobe.

5. Hoop earrings for livening up an outfit

Or even a pair of travel-friendly studs if hoop earrings aren’t what floats the boat. Jewelry is great for brightening what could otherwise be a relatively dull outfit. Perhaps the biggest challenge with it: Just making sure it’s packed properly so it doesn’t get forgotten or damaged.

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