Feeling Stuck? Google Flights Lists the Cheapest Destinations for Locked Dates

There’s a lot of things going on with Google Flights. But more specifically, the only thing I care about is fitting in a vacation when I can finally jet from work.

If you’re rather ambiguous on the specific destination, Google Flights should at least be one extra tool in the arsenal. Not sure about you, but I’m an adult now, and I have responsibilities, which means I can only take off during specific days or certain parts of the year. Fortunately, there’s a tool to figure out the cheapest flights when there’s not so much date flexibility available.

By hitting the home page, it’s rather simple to figure out what the cheapest destinations are, simply by leaving the destination field blank. Select the date parameters, hit Search, and Google should pull up a list of results.

Unfortunately, Google won’t sort them by the cheapest, but there is a price filter that can be applied.

For a more detailed look, hit Explore Destinations to get a bigger sense of the possibilities.

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Click the circled area to see more options.

The main downside to this feature is that it only hones in on areas where the map is selected; so if you’re interested in South America, for instance, it takes some creative zooming to get an accurate reflection on those airfares. (It also makes it hard to compare other airfares as well.)

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Airfares to South America from New York.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get out of town.

Feeling Stuck? Google Flights Lists the Cheapest Destinations for Locked Dates via @maphappy
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