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The Most Foolproof Ways To Pack Jewelry

Here are some of the best methods I’ve found for packing bling even if you’re the absentminded sort — no bulky organizer required.

Unfortunately, I’ve tangled many a necklace in years of packing. Still, that hasn’t discouraged me from taking jewelry with me when I travel. And I do like to take a good amount of it, since accessories adding or changing accessories can get me a lot more mileage out of the same packed outfits.

Shine around the world, you crazy diamond.

Pouches. I’ve somehow amassed a collection of small pouches that were thrown in with jewelry purchases I’ve made over the years and I always use them when packing. I’ll organize similar earrings like studs together, so they’ll l play nice when jostled in transit and can’t damage others in the bunch.

Straws. Looping one half of a necklace through a straw (and then securing it) makes tangling virtually impossible. My appreciations and admiration to the crafty individual who discovered this DIY hack.

Tissues or paper towels. This isn’t the most eco-friendly approach but it works. I lay the jewelry on one end of a paper towel or tissue and then do some combination or rolling and/or folding until it’s all wrapped up and protected, and then usually stick them a few in a sandwich bag to keep them organized.

Speaking of plastic bags, those tiny plastic bags extra buttons that usually come in can fit a pair of earrings or two.

Buttons. Speaking of buttons, if it’s the right size, it can fit a pair of earrings. This won’t protect them much but at least it keeps them together.

Microfiber cloth. A tad fancier and slightly more secure option for rolling up jewelry is to use a microfiber cloths. (Conventionally used for dusting but we’re finding all sorts of double uses for home supplies here.) I’m an Organizing Junkie has some photos of how to do this on their site.

Index cards. Not too flimsy, not too firm, this paper weight is just right for poking through earrings and attaching them.

Pill cases. These aren’t just for Grandma. They are also virtually perfect for earrings and rings. I’d recommend one separate from your other pills. In fact, Erica subscribes to packing her jewelry this way as well to prevent losing them. Though you can use any pill case, humangear’s GoTubb is one decent option we’ve reviewed in the past.

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