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This Is the Easiest Face Mask Tutorial We’ve Seen

Now that Canada requires all passengers traveling by air in wear a face mask, we don’t expect it to be long before other governments and airlines follow suit. Best to make your own mask, and save the medical-grade ones for essential and healthcare personnel.

This Japanese Creations face mask tutorialβ€”God bless the Japaneseβ€”is the easiest DIY option we’ve seen out there. To make it, all needed is a square handkerchief and two hair ties or rubber bands, no sewing required. Side bonus: It can be thrown in the wash easily, making it reusable.

Though we can go into a lengthy explanation on how to make it, the video is the quickest guide. It is also under two minutes long.

It iss a tutorial that’s been posted by other media outlets like the NY Post (where we originally found it) and Colin Hanks.

For those curious, here’s the official Canadian announcement: “Aviation passengers on all flights departing or arriving at Canadian airports will also be required to demonstrate they have the necessary non-medical mask or face covering during the boarding process otherwise they will not be allowed to continue on their journey.” It is in effect as of today.

This Is the Easiest Face Mask Tutorial We’ve Seen via @maphappy
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