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The Difference Between a Layover and a Stopover

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Yes, basically they’re nearly identical. Technically, though, a stay in an intermittent city under 24 hours is a layover. Any minute over, and it’s a stopover. That’s for international flights. For domestic trips, a stopover is anything over 4 hours.

And while it may not seem like a big difference, flights with stopovers can often allow you to stay for multiple days in the connecting city at a free or discounted charge (there is a time limit, though). It all basically depends on the fare rules when you book your ticket.

Generally, the rule is that the more you paid for your ticket, the greater the likelihood of having a free stopover.┬áThat’s something that’d you have to check with your travel agent or airline puppetmaster, though.

  • Liza

    I understand what you mean comelptely about analysis paralysis. I am finding too many combinations on how to setup airfare. My main desire is to just see what is considered the cheapest out there so that when I am ready to purchase I know what to look for and what not to pay.That has worked well for me in the past and hopefully the philosophy will suit me well for this endeavor. $2000 saved on air could mean an extra month of traveling which would be a definite plus.I checked out your blog, very well done. I will be sure to read it while you are traveling since you are hitting some places I want to go to. I’ll make sure to add you on my blog list once I get it up and running soon.

  • Neelam

    in cancellation rule what is the meaning (Deadline) of this line:-
    Before Deadline:- free of charge
    After Deadline:- Non refundable

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