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Crowdtilt Plans Finances for Group Traveling

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This seems like pretty much a good option to make sure no one skimps out when it comes to paying the bill.

Crowdtilt seems like a pretty recent website that’s devoted to helping make sure everyone contribute their fair share when it comes to fun and sunshine in Fiji. The whole point is to make sure no one gets stuck with the bill. The best part is that it takes the guesswork out of “trusting” someone to pay up.

In theory, the person in charge of the trip can start a campaign, and require everyone to pay a specific or minimum account. It then waits for *everyone* to enter their personal details into the system or have the total cost of the trip reached. Once that happens, credit cards are charged and withdrawals are made, and the money is sent to the organizer, who can then pay for all the expenses.

I should probably charge everyone more than one buck.

The whole process connects to everyone’s Facebook account and makes the whole process pretty transparent. If someone’s hasn’t contributed yet, you can bet your sweet little toes that everyone knows, thus ramping up the unspoken peer pressure but without all of those really awkward social cues.

The only downside is that contributors have to pay a 2.5% fee if they use their credit card, and the total amount is also charged 2.5% at the very end. (If you decide to use it, it looks like you might have to budget about 2.5% higher than your original amount.)

I haven’t really used it yet, since I usually do more solo trips, but it seems like a good option. The only thing that really sucks about the whole thing is that it seems like it is only available in the land of the free and home of the brave, so international folks might just have to be a bit more trusting.

  • Dave Doley

    Seems identical to a service that’s already out there and targeted at travelers called PayByGroup.

    • Erica Ho

      Cool! Well, then we just have another player in the mix then.

  • Elle De Wit

    We used SplitWise and it had a lot more robust features. Of course, we had to send all the money ourselves but not everyone had a PayPal and it did the math to make our “settle up” in as few transactions as possible. What was amazing it that some people paid deposits on things then some other pre-booked transit then, during our trip, others loaned someone some cash, etc, etc but it all got settled magically on one screen where instead of one person being the sole payee or everyone owing everyone, everyone just sent money around as necessary. You were either a net debtee or net debtor.

    • Erica Ho

      Awesome, thanks Elle. I may have to look into that one as well!

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