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The Ultimate List of Airlines That Serve Free Alcohol

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If you’re intent on boozing it up while you’re sky high, you might want to avoid U.S. airlines completely — with maybe the exception of American Airlines and Delta. Here’s a pretty good rundown on who does (and doesn’t) serve alcohol on flights these days.

It’s fair to say that with airlines charging for basic sustenance these days, they wouldn’t dare give alcoholic drinks away for free. Apparently, many airlines still do and it’s just not limited to business or first class passengers. Most of it is still relegated to international flights, but if you’re sitting back in coach with the rest of the folks (and me!), there’s no reason you can’t have a glass of wine with your dinner either.

If you’re trying to bring your own alcohol onboard, realize that may not be allowed. Please drink responsibly; dehydration happens faster in a pressurized cabin than at a keg party. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy or girl‌… for five hours.

UPDATED May 25, 2014: Thanks everyone for the updates, we’ve been doing our best to make sure the list stays current. Regarding United: In 2013, it seemed like drinks were still being served on some international flights, but reps have told me officially all alcohol must be purchased. This practice seems to have stopped as of January 2014, courtesy of hulaboy and Meg’s notes.

Airline Domestic International
Aegean Airlines No Yes
Aer Lingus No No
Aeroflot No Wine only, for flights over 3 hours, otherwise it is not available (even for purchase). There is a full ban in effect for flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Havana, and Bangkok.
Aeroméxico Yes Yes
Air Berlin Yes, after 2 p.m. Yes, longhaul flights only.
Air Canada No Yes
Air China Yes Yes
Air France Yes Yes; they claim they are the only ones to serve free champagne in all cabins.
Air India No Yes
Air New Zealand Yes (4.30 p.m. -7 p.m. only) Yes
AirAsia No No
Alaska Airlines Yes, on Horizon Air/SkyWest flights. Yes, on Horizon Air/SkyWest flights.
American Airlines   Yes, only on flights between the U.S. and Europe, Asia, and certain countries in South America. Beer and wine only.
ANA All Nippon Airways   Yes
Asiana Airlines   Yes
Austrian Airlines Yes Yes
Avianca   Yes
Bangkok Airways No Yes
bmi British Midland   Yes
British Airways   Yes
Cathay Pacific Airways n/a Yes
China Airlines   Yes
Condor Airlines No No
Copa Airlines   Yes
Delta Air Lines Yes Yes
Dragonair   Yes
EgyptAir   No
Emirates   Yes, except to Saudi Arabia.
Ethiopian Airlines Yes Yes
Etihad Airways   Yes
EVA Air   Yes
Finnair No Yes, depending on destination.
Garuda Indonesia No Yes
Hainan Airlines   Yes
Hawaiian Airlines No Yes
Hong Kong Airlines n/a Yes
Iberia Airlines No No
Icelandair No No
Interjet Yes Yes
Japan Airlines   Yes
Jet Airways   Yes
JetBlue Airways No No
KLM Yes Yes
Korean Air   Yes
LAN Airlines Yes* Yes* (*on all flights with meals)
LOT Polish Airlines   No
Lufthansa Yes Yes
Malaysia Airlines   Yes
Norwegian Airlines No No
Oman Air   Yes
Philippine Airlines   Yes
Porter Airlines Yes Yes
Qantas Airways Yes Yes
Qatar Airways   Yes
Royal Brunei Airlines No No
Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)  No No
Silk Air   Yes
Singapore Airlines n/a Yes
Sky Airline   Yes
South African Airways Yes Yes
Southwest Airlines No No
Spirit Airlines No No
Streamline Air Yes n/a
Swiss Int’l Air Lines   Yes
TACA Airlines   Yes
TAP Air Portugal   Yes
TAM Airlines No Yes
Thai Airways No Yes
Turkish Airlines No Yes
United Airlines No Yes, on trans-Pacific flights only.
US Airways No No
Virgin Atlantic Airways Yes Yes
V Australia Yes (M-F, 4-7 PM) Yes

Jody Lan-Castle contributed to this article.

  • Peter H

    Porter Airlines serves booze both domestic and international.

  • Melissa

    You can add Porter Airlines (www.flyporter.com) to the list of those who serve free alcohol (Jackson Triggs wines and SteamWhistle beer).

    • Erica Ho

      @Melissa, that’s shockingly specific. Will add that to the list!

  • Brad

    At least as of last year, AK Airlines serves a free beer on afternoon Portland to Seattle flights. I don’t know if you want the level of detail, though!

    • Erica Ho

      @Brad, hey why not. Porter Airlines serves Steam Whistle Beer!

  • Brad

    P.S. Not Alaska Airlines, their sister carrier Horizon Air. According to Horizon’s wikipedia page, they serve beer and wine on their flights. Some comments online suggest that this is only for shorter trips.

    • Erica Ho

      @Brad Sounds right. Alaska doesn’t actually serve any alcohol themselves.

  • Peter

    You can add V Australia to that list.

    • Erica Ho

      Thanks Peter!

  • lauren

    On United International flights they DO serve free alcohol. I have had beer, wine and vodka on flights from Tokyo to the US and vice versa. You need to pay for alcohol on domestic flights within the US.

    • Erica Ho

      @Lauren, United USED to serve free alcohol (and on routes to Asia). That’s changed since the merger with Continental this year, officially. In practice, it seems like its been hit and miss. Maybe if you’re really nice to the flight attendant?

  • Thom

    Streamline Air serves free cocktails, beer and wine on their service between BED and TTN.

  • robert

    From a German friend that specifically looks for flts with free beer: Thai does not serve Alcohol on Domestic flights as mentioned on that list. Austrian serves alcohol on Domestic as well. Egyptair is completely missing here (they don’t serve alcohol at all).

    • Erica Ho

      @Robert Well, turns out Thai is pretty misleading about that. Some airlines are going to be missing; we tried to cover the major ones. Do you know how many airlines are out there?!

  • Sally Johnson

    How did you overlook SAS? I don’t know about domestic, but they serve on trans-Atlantic flights. I’ve occasionally even gotten a cognac while sitting in economy.

  • Mike

    Well multiple flights to Asian locations and so far mixed drinks and beer free on international flights on United so maybe is it just to and from the far east?

  • Cook

    Skip the ‘free’ stuff and, if you must drink in flight, buy something that tastes good. The ‘free’ wine provided on most airlines has a lot in common with “Two Buck Chuck.” I think there is an FAA rule pertaining to part 121 carriers that prohibits alcohol consumption except as provided by and served by the air carrier. In other words, on US carriers one cannot nip from a personal stock. Ha! While the practice used to be quite common, since 9-11 you’d be hard-pressed to get that flask past security and onto the airplane.

    • Erica Ho

      @Cook Yes, you’re not always allowed to bring your loot on the plane.

  • Pfly

    On my flight from Los Angeles to Moscow on Aeroflot in April wine was served to coach passengers.

    • Erica Ho

      @Pfly Thanks for the update!

  • Georgia

    Horizon serves free local beer and wine on their puddle-jumper flights between cities on the west coast, at least between Portland/Seattle and Portland/LA. It’s Alaska-Horizon now, but only the Horizon-run flights have the booze. Those tiny airplanes are too terrifying when sober.

  • Lexbear

    you can add Condor to this list

  • Ryan

    United DOES serve free alcohol on o-UA crewed airplanes on it’s Pacific Routes. Not Sure about o-CO crewed planes for now though. So lax/sfo-syd/nrt/pvg/etc…

    • Erica Ho

      OK, just to clear up the confusion: straight from United’s mouth, alcohol is “for purchase in economy” on flights to Asia from the U.S. I think the confusion is that they are NOT enforcing this policy consistently since the merger, depending whether you got an old Continental or United crew.

      Official answer: no.

      • ptahcha

        maybe the term alcohol is confusing. Beer and wine are free on UA across the Pacific. Other spirits are not. https://hub.united.com/en-us/News/products-services/Pages/united-aligns-beverage-policy.aspx

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          I think it’s important that people make that distinction,

          Look I’ve asked United many times about flights to Asia, and have even been on them and seen alcohol served. Repeated attempts for clarification have always resulted in, “official policy is that these are not free” (even beer and wine).

          I think for them, it’s a matter of them looking the other way. FWIW.

  • Rick

    Jet airways served me free scotch on a flight from Europe to India.

  • Aunt_Pete

    US Airways serves free beer and wine on its Shuttle flights. Best thing ever on my DC-Boston jaunts.

  • Matt

    Wine and beer on all Alaska flights operated by Horizon or Skywest is free. Hard liquor can be purchased.

  • Dboza

    I flew American Airlines to Paris 10/11 and we were not served free alcohol during flight. We had to pay. I did get free wine, because I was served dinner last, thus no selection on meals.

    • Erica Ho

      Dboza, the American Airlines thing started February this year, so it would have been after you flew.

  • lorenzo

    AVIANCA, the national airliner for Latin America also serves free alcohol. Not 100% sure about the domestic flights, but for sure on the overseas flights! You can choose from local beers, whisky and vodka!

  • Bo Abrahamsen

    SAS do NOT serve free drinks in Economy class on international flights except intercontinental ones. Coffee is all (they used to charge for that too).

  • Ewa

    Hi! You could add Polish airline LOT, as far as I remember I was served wine (or beer, but nothing stronger) on an international flight. Don’t know about domestic flights…

  • Ashu

    Finnair – beer, and white and red wine are all served free of charge – other alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

  • Ashu

    According to Aeroflot website, you can choose from our choice of soft drinks and juices during the whole flight. You can also buy alcoholic drinks, such as wine, beer, cognac or champagne.

  • mitch

    @Peter V Australia is now Virgin Australia

  • Peter


    – there are practicaly NO european airlines, allowing you to drink your own alcohol. I didn’t said, you can not….
    – Aegean offers free beer and wine on board.

  • Martin Gomez

    Philippine Airlines serves booze.

  • Veriy

    Garuda Indonesia doesn’t serve alcohol for domestic flights.

  • Jay

    This is a great list…thank you!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thank YOU and everyone who put in their own experiences!

  • ROMI

    Iberia serves free alcohol only international flights.. not on national ones.

  • Sam Boulis

    Last time I traveled on United Airlines was June9/2009 to Frankfurt, took off from San Francisco and the flight attendant immediately announced that there would be a charge of $6.00 for alcoholic beverages, the whole crew was rude and nasty; I traveled since then on Air France and they were wonderful, no more United for me.

    • hulaboy

      i believe you. US carriers have the nastiest and bad-attitude flight attendants. not to mention old, haggard and lazy!

      • David

        But United is particularly bad. I made the mistake of booking a lie-flat biz seat to South America on United, and the service was downright surly. Never again!

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Good hard product, terrible soft product.

      • Shitzoo

        I agree!!!!

  • Joe

    Awesome list. I look forward to seeing how the United-operated Lufthansa flight goes in a few weeks, IAH-LHR.

    • Erica Ho

      Thanks Joe! Safe travels 😉

    • Sammyb

      Joe, my response maybe a little late, I went to Germany on Lufthansa flight operated by United and United rules applied in my case, did not serve free alcohol as you may have experienced already, they are nasty.

      • tarebear

        Very helpful, thanks, Sammyb! I think United’s customer service *may* be improving … with the exception of the alcohol business.

  • WILL

    Correction. Free beer and wine on ALL Horizon flights including domestic (Alaska Airlines flights 2000-2999)

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      This is already noted Will. Thanks.

  • Ner

    So Delta provide alcohol throughout the whole flight between SYD-LAX in economy? I was told it was only during meal times?

    • Erica Ho

      Not sure. But if it’s free during meal times, shouldn’t it be free during the whole time too. Of course I could be wrong…

      • Sammyb

        European airlines offer free booze to destination!

    • Sam Boulis

      United Airline is my most hated airline, they charge for all booze a whopping $6.00, they are also the rudest of the whole in the whole industry, my latest bad experience was in May 2009, I would pay more for any European airline to get treated like i should, United Airline should send their flight attendants to a European airline school to learn how to behave like they should, and be kind to their passengers.

      • Erica Ho

        Too bad we don’t get too much choice in America!

        • Lion

          At least the customer service on ground is okay in the States though. Have you been to London or Paris?

  • Patrick

    Flew on American Airlines (12 hours DFW to EZE) no free beverages of any kind except half cup of water.

  • Natasha

    I flew Air India internationally from Hong Kong to South Korea and they served free whisky/beer/wine/liquor.

  • Ivette

    Can anyone confirm Delta information? When I booked the flight it said they do serve alcohol during international long-haul flights. Now they have updated the website and it says it is only in business class.

  • Paul

    Does Royal Jordanian serve free beer and wine? Getting mixed answers :-(

  • Sharebear

    What about Air Berlin?

  • John Smith

    JetBlue serves free on international flights!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      That’s news to me! We’ll double-check and update the list if that’s true.

      EDIT: Looks like they don’t. Tear. ;(

  • Ron

    If you fly international avoid US carriers at all cost. They rip off the taxpayers and their own customers. When will international carriers be allowed to fly domestic routes in the us?

    • Erica Ho

      It’s not about being “allowed.” It’s about whether they want to or whether it’s profitable for them. Too bad the answer is generally not.

  • Catherine Oliver

    We’re flying a KLM flight, operated by Delta, from Seattle to Amsterdam. Will we have Delta or KLM ‘rules’ regarding alcohol?

    • Erica Ho

      Rule of thumb goes to the operating airline, so Delta.

  • Kevin

    It’s only Economy Comfort class for Delta to have international free alcohol. May vary depending on equipment?

    • Erica Ho

      Hey Kevin — economy comfort is Delta’s economy premium product. We’re talking about those who fly on the cheap here, not in the slightly nicer cabins!

  • Alper

    Aeroflot does not offer free alcoholic drinks anymore. Flown Istanbul to Moscow which is a 3-hour flight and alcoholic drinks offered with a fee. A news article about them ceasing free alcoholic drinks in economy class is here http://news.rin.ru/eng/news///4274/

    • Erica Ho

      Thanks Alper for the heads up!

  • Ian

    Gulf Air (based in Bahrain) serve alcohol on flights.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Is that on domestic or international?

      • Sammyb

        i’m talking about international flights!

  • Josh

    Erica I think you need to put an asterisk next to United Airlines because last time I flew with them from Sydney to San Francisco (September 2012) it was open bar. Given I’m the third person to confirm this, I think u should amend your entry. Just saying.

  • Shankar

    Generally U.S. carriers are the worst when it comes to service. This includes liquor. Earn your miles locally and fly real service oriented airlines internationally.

    • Shitzoo

      I agree

  • Sammyb

    My intent is not to booze it the whole way, I believe airlines are being to cheap too offer a free drinks, we pay a lot of money for the tickets!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      At least you don’t have to pay for water. On most airlines.

  • http://twitter.com/DrHaveSaudi Dr_HaveSaudi

    ill fly from paris to salt lake with delta, and i just get free beer and wine?
    that cant be true -.-

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      I guess so.

  • Peter_Puck

    What about Brussels Airlines?

  • david newton

    perhaps an update? When I flew 3 weeks ago with Air France and was refused an alcoholic drink, I complained to their so-called “customer service” and was told that no alcohol is served on “short- and medium-haul flights within continental Europe” by Air France.

    Another cost-cutting measure. Ho hum.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Yup, will look into that. Thanks David!

  • john

    How about Qantas and Emirates latest statements about alcohol and pork ex Dubai to Europe?

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      No drinks on flight to/from Dubai or Jakarta thanks to the newest partnership.

      • 744boy

        That’s not correct.. i operate the flights. It’s only no alcohol used in the cooking of the meals. Qantas charges on some domestic flights but not cityflyer flights, and Qantas DON’T charge on ANY international flights.

  • Sungold7

    I am flying business class this summer on United from Fort Myers to Shannon, Ireland, and they better not ask me to pay for a drink. I’m pretty sure their website said that alcoholic drinks would be complimentary, but that was in February when I booked.
    I’d also be interested in knowing the alcohol-serving policy for Aer Lingus. Thanks!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      You’re in business class so you should be okay. This list is mostly for economy.

  • https://twitter.com/JoshOnTheBus JoshOnTheBus

    Virgin Atlantic should be a ‘yes’ under domestic (it doesn’t depend on fare type). We feature a full bar service. Bottom’s up!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for the update.

  • DaveOh

    So I am flying economy to japan and thailand on China Airlines in June 2013, They serve complimentary alcoholic drinks in economy class? yes?

  • Alper

    TAM (Brazilian) Airlines do not serve alcohol on domestic flights. I have flown 4 domestic flights late April and earlier in May, and only drinks they serve is Coke, Coke Zero and Water. On one of the (late night) flights, only available was Coke Zero :-( Because no other soft drinks left. On the International flights however, as far as I learned from the flight attendant personally, free alcohol is available in all classes including economy.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


      • Alper

        I’m not Brazilian, and same Alper commented about Aeroflot drinks policy couple of months ago :-) One small note to just to let you know; Brazilian people speak Portuguese and in Portuguese “thank you” is “obrigado” not “gracias” as the rest of the South Americans say. -:) (no offense)

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          I know! I just naturally use a lot of Spanish in my day to day life. :-)

  • Sherise Alexis

    While not really a source to get liquored up for free, if you make nice with the flight attendants on US Airways, they might be willing to hook you up with extra wine with your meal or a free cocktail. 😉

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Hee, it pays to be nice!

  • Mick In Oz

    Vietnam Airlines also give free booze on international flights, but just a bottle of water on domestic (in fact NO liquids of any kind allowed).

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      I remember those bottles of water being quite handy.

  • JadeStar Vayle

    Virgin America and Southwest both have free alcohol available for upgraded fares (as little as $30 extra and usually includes additional checked luggage and other priority treatment), and both have it available for purchase otherwise.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Yup. We’re generally only counting the lowest, bottom of the bucket fares here.

  • Tom

    Flying on Delta in regular economy next week from JFK to Heathrow. Flight is just over 7 hours: is alcohol (any type) free? I’m confused because I’ve seen so many different versions of what is/isn’t offered. Thanks

    • D

      Beer and wine are complimentary throughout the entire cabin. VOD movies/shows are also complimentary.

  • Tom

    Does Delta actually serve free beer and wine in Regular Economy in international flights longer than 6 hours? There is no stated policy anywhere on their website about such a program (only mention free beer, wine & spirits in economy comfort). Flying from JFK to London next week and was wondering if anyone had info or experience with this

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Well, it’s *supposed* to be free…

    • Jake

      what was the verdict on this one? Flying JFK to Shannon next month..need to know whether to upgrade or not…

      • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

        Just double checked with Delta today (8/7/13) on their current policy. They are no longer free unless you’re in Economy Comfort.

    • ciaodom

      Now on flights to Europe all the alcoholic beverages in economy class are free

    • Tom

      Yes. As of January 2014, United charges in economy on all routes. Premium cabins are complimentary. As someone who is intimately acquainted with inflight service, I must comment that it’s highly unlikely that the *entire* crew was surly and rude. Having said that, US carriers are not propped up by governments like a lot of gulf and national carriers are and face stiff competition to keep fares low. Following 9/11, some of those ways airlines kept fares low was by cutting employee salaries salaries by a third or more, taking pensions and forcing employees to work harder for less – making for an unpleasant and hostile work environment. Little surprise, then, that this rubbed off on the consumers. If you’re a flight attendant working today, you are earning 33-40% less per hour and paying a lot more out of pocket for benefits…than in 1994, 20 years ago. There’s no excuse for bad service or treating pleasant, paying customers rudely – but I hope this helps paint a clearer picture of the industry.

      • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

        Thanks Tom for the insight. Flight attendants and airline staff have it the worst when it comes to dealing with irate and demanding passengers. In terms of delays and operations, United is bad but I think most people fail to realize that most staff that passengers encounter have no control over it.

  • Jimmy

    US Airways serves beer and wine on their shuttle flights!
    Delta’s new hourly LAX-SFO shuttle flights also serve free beer and wine now, among other amenities

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for the update!

  • moe

    Excuse me? Where are the middle east airlines? The Lebanese airlines?

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      We hope to add some more — there is a lotta airlines out there!

      • moe

        Middle east airlines is the Lebanese airlines and the best airlines ever ! Alcohol is offered as much as you want and to all destinations with no exceptions , I was frustrated not to find it on the list ! Thanks

  • Alper

    Sky Airline (not with an ‘s’) is serving Beer and Wine on int’l flights. Flown Buenos Aires to Santiago (2 hrs) few days ago and Wine and beer were served with meal (only) on board….

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Alper!

  • dddd

    what about alitalia Airlines ?

  • wolfneck

    Emirates are usually very good! not only good looking trolly dollies but a comfortable cabin even in economy! I got smashed from Lagos to Dubai a couple years ago, came away with a good bag stuffed with miniatures that the girls gave me! awesome trip :)

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Now that sounds like a TRIP.

  • wolfneck

    If you ask for a feed back form and give the staff praise, it usually means you can get service all the way or go to the galley and ask for drinks throughout the flight if they are taking a break etc. Tried that a few times and mostly works a treat!

  • Alex

    Not true about Aeroflot: alcohol is served on the intl flights

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Cool Alex, will double check.

    • Alper

      In Business (named Premier Class) they serve free. In economy they used to sell (had to pay) for alcoholic drinks. But now it looks like they even do not sell in economy since August 5, 2013. A complete ban! Here is the info from first hand, Aeroflot site! http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en/flight/dining_onboard

      • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

        From Aeroflot PR (new policies):

        Please be kindly informed that alcohol (red or white wine) in economy class is served accompanying hot dishes for free at all flights with the flight time over 3 hours.

        The sale of alcohol is forbidden in economy class starting from August 05, 2013.

        Also there are some destinations where absolute ban for alcohol in economy class is applied (i.e. Beijing, Shanghai, Havana, Bangkok etc.).

        • Maxine

          The ban on all alcohol served is not in place to/from Beijing. I have flown with them several times in the last 2 years and as of my last flight (Aug 2014) there was always wine (red or white) with meals. And I always got more when I asked for it (politely). Even if it was already 30-60min past the meal; but perhaps thats because trays were still out.

          As a side note, whenever I disembarked the plane in Moscow, tree were always loads – and I mean often every row of seat – of the yellow duty free bags from Beijing being left behind; empty!

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Thanks for the update Maxine!

  • Alex

    AeroMexico serves beer, wine on all flights and tequila on international flights.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Alex!

  • Selja

    You might want to add Icelandair to your list of airlines, there is a charge for alcohol on board all flights in Economy Class.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Selja!

  • Reality Check

    Aer Lingus do NOT offer complimentary alcohol in economy on international flights. This includes longer haul transatlantic flights like New York to Dublin, and New York to London. They have not offered this in 10 years! Since this list was published in 2012 and was already 10 years out of date I would have to conclude the entire list is incorrect.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      We’ll double-check with Aer Lingus; they indicated to us that bar service was available, but we may have interpreted that to mean complimentary. Mistakes do get made from time to time; but we do our best to get them taken care of.

    • Scomber scombrus

      Maybe they just don’t offer drinks to those of a particularly pompous disposition.

  • Alan

    Czech Airlines serve alcoholic drinks on their flights as well.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Alan!

  • Helen

    US airways serves a glass of wine with lunch/dinner on UK to US and return flights

  • brian

    United offers complimentary wine on trans-pacific flights, but not trans-atlantic flights. Source: their website (http://www.united.com/web/en-us/content/travel/inflight/dining/beverages/default.aspx) and personal experience last week!

  • Daniel

    I love flying on Lufthansa in Economy Class. I have gotten rare offerings that are reserved for First and Business Class such as Campari, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Cognac, Warsteiner Beer, Good Sparkling Wine, Red and White Wine etc. Its such a luxury to even have a glass of Red or White wine on their domestic flights. I earn United Miles and redeem them on Lufthansa.

    BTW Air Canada Rouge does not serve complimentary alcohol in Coach.

  • shonuffharlem

    Air Berlin is missing

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


  • Ann

    Turkish Airlines, Etihad and Qatar Airlines don’t serve alcohol on flights to and from Saudi Arabia either :( Do you know if British Airways does? I’m flying with them on Friday from Riyadh to London.

  • hulaboy

    i believe as of January 2014, United Airlines stopped serving complimentary alcoholic beverages on their Trans-Pacific flights. LOSERS!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Really?? Thanks for the news!

  • Mikael Rönnberg

    Air China dont serve alcohol – except wine and beer, no whisky vodka – you can not even buy that on the plane….

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Well, wine and beer counts!

  • Meg

    I flew United from NYC to Beijing Jan 22, 2014 and was told all alcohol was USD 7.99 . December 16, 2013 when I flew over the alcohol was still complimentary.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for double verifying Meg!

  • MA

    One more to add to the list – First Air offers free alcohol on short-haul flights (not to mention a hot meal!)

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


  • adam

    does anyone know if swiss air offer free spirits on flights from switzerland to New york?

    Many thanks

  • Anka Brouwers

    Correction should be made to Alaska Air flown by Horizon and Skywest. Domestic flights also offer free beer and wine. In addition most flights average only 2 hours.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      That’s already been noted, thanks Anka!

  • Maria

    Yes, Delta serves beer, wine and cocktails on international flight to entire cabin. I fly Delta a lot. Just flew roundtrip to China (direct from Detroit) last week. I booked 2 days before my trip so wasn’t able to get economy comfort or business as those were all sold out — I still had my Bloody Mary. Spirits are advertised as free in economy comfort on all international flights. Beer and wine is available on all that I’ve taken. So I think they do free spirits on the long hauls for everyone. Delta also does free alcoholic drinks to first class domestically. And you can buy it for I think $7 in economy on domestic. Cashless cabin and for the most part they have great flight attendants. – Loyal Delta Platinum Medallion

  • Timothy Pickering

    south africa airways provides free beer and wine (maybe more) on domestic flights (e.g. CPT-JNB). unaware of any restrictions on time. i’ve personally had wine with breakfast on 6 AM flights :)

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Getting an early start?? Thanks Timothy for the heads up!

      • Timothy Pickering

        the night before was very short and the day ahead very long, so yeah :) plus the wine they serve is local and decent to very good.

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Sounds like my kind of flight.

  • Timothy Pickering

    also, ethiopian airways provided free wine/beer on JNB-ADD flights and presumably other long-haul flights as well according to their website.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


  • Diego Hernández

    Interjet (Mexico) offers free beer & liquor on even short haul flights.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      We’ll add that to the list.

  • Cass

    As of last July, Southwest gives free drinks on holidays. As of last week, US Airways served wine with dinner on trans-Atlantic flights.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Cass!

  • boomer

    Awesome article but why don’t you just buy a bunch of these http://i478.photobucket.com/albums/rr148/cendcar/258.jpg and put them in your “liquid bag” I have been doing this for about a year and saved SOOOOOO much money.

    I have managed to fit about 9 or 10 in my quart bag

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      It’s a great idea, but it’s a lot more complicated than it looks http://maphappy.org/2014/02/can-bring-booze-onto-plane/

      • boomer

        all that article does is confirm what I’m saying. If you buy the mini’s they are under the 3.4 oz limit and you have to put them in your “liquid bag”. The clear quart sized ziploc bag you are allowed.

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Yes and no. FAA rules state that its technically illegal to serve yourself onboard an aircraft, though its not illegal to carry on.

  • Jo

    Aer Lingus has NO free booze. Ever. Fly with them several times a year back to Ireland.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Cool, we will double check.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Looks like we mistook ‘bar service’ for free drinks! Thanks again for the clarification Jo.

  • Thusitha

    pls add Srilankan Airlines to the list..they don’t fly domestic but on international flights they do serve free booze and last time i got a refill of my glass of wine just 15mins before landing..

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      T hanks Thusitha .

  • Scandinavian freq.flyer

    Finnair and SAS do not serve free alcoholic drinks on their international or intercontinental flight. Expect together with the meals, you may get wine or beer, or perhaps also a shot of available spirits. But outside the main meal service, you have to pay.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      It is however free with the meals.

  • Alex Covington

    Hello, this is totally unrelated, but im hoping some of you can help me out. I am travelling to Bali solo for my first time next week, and I need some advice on exchanging my currency. I need to exchange Emirati dirhams to Indonesian rupiah. I was planning on doing it at DXB airport, but I hear that airports don’t have good rates. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any places to get a good rate in DXB or otherwise? I have stops in Doha and Singapore as well.
    Any tips greatly appreciated :]

  • Honey Reddy

    Does anyone know if there is an age limit to be served
    Complimentary liquor/ wine in an Air India International flight ,economy class? Do u have to be more than 18 or 21 years old to be allowed to drink In flight?

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Good question… I guess it depends on the legal drinking age in India, maybe.

    • Sam Boulis

      I know for fact that Air France served champagne to under age children with parents approval!

  • Mya

    Can you elaborate the policy for Lot Polish Airlines? Is it all cabins? Is it just with meals? We will be using them next month from JFK to Warsaw and would love to understand the wine policy.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      We cover economy in this list only.

      • Mya

        So is it at all times?

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          It may or may not be. Depends on the airline. Meal service should have it.

      • Roger Fleck

        I won’t fly on united air any more nickel and dime you on bage then international charging for drinks and the battleax flight attendants are mean and cut you off after only a couple drinks even in first class

  • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

    To add a reply to this discussion, please go here.

  • Sabina @GirlvsGlobe

    Ha, for this post you’ve got yourself a new reader in me 😉

    • Erica Ho

      Thanks Sabina!

  • Sam Boulis

    We finally made it to Paris, I booked our flight on Air France operated by delta airlines and they were wonderful, I think it did cost me a little more than United and I was glad to pay it. I would consider United airline to be the worst carrier. Delta offered free beer and wine. United airlines is aging together with their flight attendants, not to mention their rudeness and grumpiness

  • Sam Boulis

    I made a reservation on Air France to Europe, as it turned out the flight was operated by Delta, to my surprise it was a good flight all the way to Paris (CDG), Delta fed us well and Beer, Wine and even Champagne FREE of charge. I think United Airline is the worst of them all!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Well, it’s certainly not the best!

  • Sam Boulis

    Forgot to mention, drinks are free for even economy class on Delta.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for the heads up Sam!

  • Jimbo

    Air Canada serves free beer and wine domestically on the YTZ – YUL route (going in either direction). This is because they are competing directly with Porter on that route, which as you’ve noted above, has free beer and wine.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks, good to know Jimbo!

  • crntlyexploring

    This list rocks. That is all. :)


    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Christina 😉

  • Dave

    Malaysian Airlines gives you free alcohol to impair your memory of what happened when your flight disappears.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      God, can you imagine the horror.

  • Ibnu Yusof

    Nothing is free. It has been paid by all passenger via their ticket fee.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Theoretically yes.

  • Spike

    I have flown United on the trans-pacific route (Australia to US) for decades and have always had complimentary wine – until my most recent trip when I had to pay. Does anyone know what the policy is?

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      The official policy is to pay. Please see the disclaimer above in the post.

  • Chace

    Strange…. I was just on southwest for a one hour flight and got free Bailey’s. :) Maybe they just didn’t care? Lol

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      It’s possible…! Tis the season after all.

  • Lynn

    Does anyone know the age limit to drink alcohol on Aeromexico? I know the drinking age in Mexico is 18 and I will be 20 when I fly. Thanks!!

  • Bailey’s Please

    Going on an international TAP flight and will update you on status!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Haha thanks Bailey’s 😉 love the name…

  • Diego

    AeroMexico: just speak friendly to the flight attendant, he/she will be happy to refill your glass of beer/tequila/rum/vodka/wine for free.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      I know, its amazing how far being nice gets you.

  • andrew

    Hawaiian Airlines provides a complimentary wine with lunch and dinner services and rum punch with breakfast services for mainland flights

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for the update Andrew.

  • Amderrn

    I work for Delta. All alcohol (including liquor) is complimentary (FREE!!) on all international flights except flights between the US, Mexico, and Central America. On those flights, only beer and wine are complimentary.. Cheers!!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks so much for giving the official word of mouth!

    • T K

      I flew ATL to Bermuda on Friday. NOT free.

      • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

        Actually, Bermuda is a tricky one! Some people consider it part of North America or Central America. Depends on how Delta classifies it.

        • T K

          Correct Erica. We are often considered “Caribbean” but are closer to North Carolina but not USA but part of the UK!

        • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

          Too bad legal sovereignty has nothing to do with geography!

    • Laura

      I flew on Delta from London to Atlanta. It was our captain’s last flight after 30 something years! The drink cart went around at least 6 times and we all got cake and horns to blow upon landing. The captain’s wife and daughter were on board and we all got to meet them as well as the captain when we landed. And we all got a remembrance card! Then I got upgraded to first class for my flight from Atlanta to West Palm Beach. Delta takes care of their frequent fliers.

      • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

        Sounds like a hoot!

  • disqus_OEgZBXFVyT

    as far as i experienced it, aeroflot does not have anything alcoholic for sale or as a free drink. i asked on my flight to new delhi and back from new delhi , they said they dont have anything. and the flight to and from vienna was the same.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


  • Sam Boulis

    What United airlines is not saying is that they have a hefty charge for alcoholic beverages, only soft drink are free and very scarce!

  • mzjulius

    SAS charges for all alcohol on int’l flights in economy class. Was thinking of flying Norwegian next time …. It’s not on your list.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Sure, we can look into Norwegian too.

  • surfchyck

    hi…last flight, air china didn’t even have alcohol in economy…they had a lonely bottle of scotch in business…wine (or something fermented) with dinner…but that was about it…

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho


  • Andy

    We travel from Los Angeles to Maui during ThanksGiving 2014 and received free either red/white wine on both ways with Hawaii Airline.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks Andy for letting me know!

  • Pete

    Do note that SAS do _not_ serve free alcohol in economy(SAS Go) anymore, even
    on long-haul !

    Only one non alcoholic beverage is free with the meal.

    • Sydney Johnson

      Thanks Pete! I’ll look into this and update the post with what we find.

  • Jordan

    Yea it should be noted that Delta changed their policy. Now all alcoholic beverages (including spirits) are free in international economy ( US – Asia and Europe). I would provide a source but it’s not officially stated on the site, Delta tweeted it out on Christmas of 13 as a holiday thing and they are still doing it. I fly enough both ways to know. Enjoy!

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Martin

    This is a great post. I can confirm all the bad things that are said about United. I am not a difficult passenger, but they really got me to the limit. I can say that Aeromexico, LAN and Lufthansa have excellent on board service. We will be travelling with Delta+AirFrance+Aeromexico this year… Will see how Delta handles on-plane service… :)

  • jay

    What about Iberia?

    • Nora Crotty

      Thanks for the question! I just updated the post. Sadly, only business class passengers are given free wine on Iberia.

  • dave

    im flying from London heathrow to settle with delta airways, with an economy ticket am I entitled to free alcohol?

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Depends on the airline, Dave.

  • Noah Darco

    I flew transatlantic on LOT last week. They are now charging for all alcoholic beverages in cattle class.

    • http://maphappy.org/ Erica Ho

      Thanks we’ll update!

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