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How To Override Your Hotel’s Thermostat

Now that just seems sheisty, doesn’t it? That’s not going to stop us from telling you how to do it.

The blog Points, Miles and Martinis (can I have a martini?) has this little trick for getting the VIP mode — from your thermostat. Baasically, what this does is let you able to adjust the temperature even lower than its lowest limit for a really hot day.

I have no idea if it actually works, but it is supposed to work on Hyatt, InterContinental, Hilton, Westin, and (sometimes) even Marriott hotels. Theoretically, the furthest you can turn down the thermostat is to 65° F, but this lets you push it all the way to 60° F.

Hey, summer is coming.

Instructions are as follows:

While holding down “display”
Press “off”
Then press “Up” arrow
Release “display” button
After following these instructions, you should see the code below (VIP) on your INNCOM thermostat.

If you do everything correctly, you should get a screen that looks like this. Talk about getting a cooler room than you deserve.

[Points, Miles and Martinis]

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