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The Things You Can Still Ask For on a Plane

There are things that are still free on a plane? Ok, apparently.

Well, the food isn’t free anymore, so we’re just reminding you that now in case we’re dashing your dreams. But hey, there are still a couple of things that you shouldn’t feel so bad asking for, and are within your right as a passenger, according to Yahoo. I know it’s hard to remember that too.

Straight from former flight attendant Beth Blair, you can apparently get a lot of free swag, though they generally don’t involve things like sustenance. Instead, they include items like sanitizing wipes, basic medicine and bandages and even cute little wing pins for the little ‘uns. Also, if you’ve had to empty your water bottle while passing through security (don’t throw the bottle away!), most flight attendants won’t mind refilling it for you.

A great tip for parents: Apparently, if you really need to pee and just need someone to after the baby for a quick second, most flight attendants are happy to do for it you. Just not for the whole flight. Yahoo spouts that:

Parents flying alone with infants and small children have bladders too, and, happily, flight attendants are often more than willing to watch a baby or child for a few minutes while a parent runs to the bathroom or stretches his or her legs. “Watching babies was one of my favorite things to do in-flight,” says Blair. “For safety reasons, most airlines ask flight attendants to sit in the aisle passenger seat so they’re not standing and holding a baby.”

My personal favorite has to be the free tour of the cockpit, courtesy of the pilot. We’d suggest asking after the plane is on the ground, after you’ve gotten to your destination though, because the pilot will be less rushed. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’m not a cute little 8-year-old anymore, so it’s harder to get away with this stuff without it being awkward. Anyone else have a chance?


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