Introducing Our New Forums and Discussion System

The seasons are changing and so is the site. Starting now, we’re closing commenting for good and will be moving everyone toward our new discussion boards.

As the site has grown, I’ve felt that the needs of the site have changed drastically. Of course, we’re doing our best to preserve the numerous comments that have been left over the years. It just doesn’t mean commenting is dead: the forum will be seamlessly integrated with the blog, so relevant replies on discussion threads will still show up as comments on the related article.

There’s a reason for this. Over the years, I’ve noticed several posts—like our Global Entry denial post and our layover timing article—have turned into outlets for people to figure how to plan their trip. I’ve also received e-mails from countless readers, but I think the great beauty of the Internet is that it’s all about bringing people together. I will still be around and be answering questions there, but it’s an easier way to all help each other out.

If you would like access to the private Lounge section of the forum, we’re opening it to email subscribers until July 1st. After that, you’ll have to earn your trust within the community the old-fashioned way: by helping others, commenting and hopefully inspiring some thought-provoking discussion.

Please note that the forum software we are transitioning to is completely new (and we think it’s awesome!), so please be sure to check out how to get quickly started since a few things are different. Hang tight, cause this is just the start of a better site that works for you.

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