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Getting Into Contact With Airline Customer Service

Part of running a travel blog is that I always seem to have all the airlines on speed dial, for better or for worse. Here’s the cheat sheet.

If you need to get ahold of the airline for any reason, we’ve compiled a list of phone numbers and Twitter handles where you can get into contact with them. Generally, if the problem isn’t a complaint, phone works best. Besides, it’s the option you want to take if you’ve got some complex changes you want to make. Unless the hold times are long, I wouldn’t bother going through Twitter.

If it is a complaint, Twitter is usually the best way to get someone to respond immediately and get some recourse. I covered average response times a couple of months ago but Yahoo! Travel has also compiled a list of their own personal response times.

Airline Phone Number Twitter
Alaska 800-252-7522 @AlaskaAir
American 800-433-7300 @AmericanAir
Delta 800-455-2720 @Delta
Frontier 801-401-9000 @FlyFrontier
Hawaiian 877-426-4537 @HawaiianAir
JetBlue 800-538-2583 @JetBlue
Spirit 801-401-2222 @SpiritAirlines
Southwest 800-435-9792 @SouthwestAir
United 800-864-8331 @United
Virgin America 877-359-8474 @VirginAmerica

There are a few exceptions here. Hawaiian, Spirit and Frontier do not respond to Twitter responses. In this case, you’d probably have to go straight to the source.

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