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I’m Gary Arndt and This Is How I Travel

Gary Arndt’s photographs are the kind that can make you feel helpless against the wanderlust. Forget everything else because what you need to do is book a ticket. At least I can’t help but palpitate and move to plot out a trip. Even if I’ve been to that very spot, I feel like I need to get back there because I didn’t see it as deeply as it’s shown in Gary’s photos.

I’m far from the only one who feels the pull of his photos, either. He’s been named the Travel Photographer of the Year by both the Society of American Travel Writers and North American Travel Journalists Association. Fortunately for everyone else, he readily shares his stunning images across platforms, including on his Twitter @everywheretrip and as downloadable desktop wallpapers on his site.

Arndt blogs at everything-everywhere.com where he shares a little bit of everything, including the podcast he co-hosts, This Week in Travel, but especially with travel insights since he picked up and sold his house and made for the road back in 2007. He’s a traveler who shares it all — and I’m glad for it.

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This is Gary Arndt doing what Gary Arndt does.

Current Location: Wisconsin
Last Trip: Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Annual Mileage: Over 100,000
Preferred Alliance: None
Frequent Flyer Program: All


First, are you a suitcase or backpack kind of person?

Nowadays I have a wheeled bag. I used to have a backpack, but I realized hardly ever went anywhere where I couldn’t roll a bag and my back was starting to hurt.

Laptops aside, are there any specific pieces of travel gear/software/mobile app that you can’t live without?

I need my MacBook Pro, SLR and iPhone to do what I do. It would be difficult to impossible without it.

What do your travel patterns look like? Are you always going to the same places or going somewhere new?

All things being equal, I try to visit new places but I do go back to places I’ve been before as well. I usually find myself going back every year to some major cities for conferences: New York, Las Vegas, London, etc.

What are some of the things that you will absolutely not go on a long-haul flight (8+ hours) without? Do you have any routines for long flights?

I’d need a fully charged Kindle, my Parrot Zik headphones and two full batteries so I can charge my devices en route.

Is there a favorite airline? Is there an airline you wouldn’t touch with a 30,000-foot pole? Share your most memorable flights—both best and worst.

My favorite is either Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific. I’m not a fan of Ryanair. Honestly, I don’t find flights to be memorable. Flights are the worst part of pretty much any trip.

How far ahead of time do you usually plan your lodging and how do you go about selecting?

I will usually book rooms at the last minute, often on my way to a destination or when I arrive.

What’s your single favorite practical travel tip for other travelers? Also, what’s the best piece of practical advice you’ve received?

The ability to adapt is more important than the ability to plan. People often make grand plans before a trip and they will never go according to schedule. Give yourself flexibility and don’t schedule too much.

How do you beat jet lag?

Only way to deal with jet lag is to be tired for at least a day so you can then reset your clock by going to bed at an appropriate time.

What’s one phrase you try to learn in every country? Do you use any language apps or tools while on the road?

“Hello,” “thank you,” “excuse me.” Google Translate is the best translation app out there if you have an internet connection.

How do you generally get around the places that you visit? What modes of transport do you usually use and how do you map out getting around?

Depends where I am. Usually walking but sometimes public transportation or taxi.

How do you stay connected to people on the road? Is there a particular mobile carrier you use?

I use T-Mobile, which has unlimited international data roaming in over 100 countries. I usually just get a local SIM card, however. It is usually faster and cheaper.

What places are left on your bucket list?

There are many obvious places I haven’t been yet: mainland China, Russia, India and Brazil just to name a few.

What’s your ideal vacation?

If I’m just going somewhere to relax, I’d go to a small island somewhere in the Pacific. I know several. 🙂

Fill in the blank.

I’d love to see Shannon O’Donnell answer these questions.

I’m Gary Arndt and This Is How I Travel via @maphappy
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