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Hertz Now Requires Fuel Receipt for Short Trips

If you drive less than 75 miles with Hertz, keep the fuel receipt. Unless you like getting charged for not having it.

One June 24, Hertz sent an email to their users stating there are some new policies going into place, which means TODAY in case you don’t remember! Basically the company has the right to charge $14 on top of every single rental if there’s no fuel receipt produced at the end of the trip. This only applies to drives 75 miles or less, so if you’re only driving it around town, I’d keep it handy in your wallet.

The official statement laid out the new ground rules:

Beginning on 7/15/2015 there will be a new refueling option for Hertz rentals in the United States. This Express Fuel option applies at select locations to rentals during which the entire distance driven is 75 miles or less. If you drive 75 miles or less and do not purchase gas, or purchase gas but fail to produce a receipt, a charge of $13.99 will be applied. If you drive 75 miles or less and produce a receipt of a fuel purchase made during your rental, the $13.99 charge will not be applied.

I thought this kind of shit only happened at crappy car rental places?

Hertz Now Requires Fuel Receipt for Short Trips via @maphappy
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