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This Is How Much a Taxi Costs from the Airport Into 20 Major Cities

In the case jumping on a chicken bus to get to the airport is starting to make you feel a bit old. I’m just not the spring chicken I used to be.

Assuming all of this fare data is correct, Taxi Fare Finder has an infographic showing how much a taxi costs from the airport into 20 major city centers. A quick glance shows travelers should avoid taking a cab into London like the bubonic plague is still raging along the Thames. In contrast, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has the best bang for buck among the cities surveyed. Perfect for feeling like a high-roller on a writer’s salary. 

Of course, this would be waaay more applicable if Ubers and Lyfts didn’t beat out taxis almost every single time


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[Taxi Fare Finder]

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