Amazon Prime Members Can Borrow Almost Every Lonely Planet on Kindle

Load up that Kindle.

Thanks to a cool Facebook tip, we recently found out Amazon Prime has been making an extremely large selection of Lonely Planet guidebooks available to its members for quite sometime through Prime Reading. About 120 Lonely Planet titles are currently available, representing a huge 11 percent of the selection on Amazon. (Maybe time to expand that a bit, eh?)

Amazon launched Prime Reading last October, so it hasn’t been around for very long.

It probably does not include every Lonely Planet book ever produced, but it’s a large collection that includes destinations like Indonesia, Egypt and Madagascar. There’s even arcane LP titles like “The Honeymoon Handbook” alongside the more popular Shoestring guides included.

(If you don’t own a Kindle, these selections should still be available through the free Kindle phone or tablet app. Keep in mind, it’ll be hard to do any searching unless you’re logged into the Prime account.)

Stefan Krasowski, who blogs over at Rapid Travel Chai, notes:

With Amazon Prime you are limited to 10 [books] at a time. The selection does change so if there is one available that you expect to need, check it out now. If you need ones that are not on Prime, they should be on Kindle Unlimited which you can get [through] various free trials.

Supplement that with these free maps, and it’s time to hit the road.

Quick note: Primary Reading is only available to the main Amazon Prime account holder. It is not available to secondary members (you’ve got to be the one paying for it). The email associated on the Amazon Prime membership must also match the email on the Kindle account. Though Amazon allows members to share things like expedited shipping to others, it does keep a tight lid under on the other benefits it extends to shared members.

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