I guess you want to know who Alisha Steindecker is.

Alisha is a Columbia Journalism School graduate and former reporter for The Southampton Press (27east.com). If she had it her way, she'd be traveling the world right now. But for now she's stuck in NYC, and loves it.

Alisha Steindecker

The Other Side: When Tourists Invade My Hometown Every Summer

  Alisha Steindecker   2 minute read
Map Happy has always been about perspectives, and in anticipation of Fourth of July weekend, we’re showcasing a piece from staffer Alisha Steindecker, who is a Hamptons native. After all, the escapes are always a reality for someone else.

A few days ago, a man riding the Hampton Jitney from Manhattan asked me, “People actually live here?” Then he added, smirking, “Wow, what’s that like?”