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Bring a Backup Phone Battery for the Extreme Cold or Heat

If you want to capture those memories, check the weather not just for the clothes, but for the gear.

More or less, it’s not uncommon for phones to shut down and work improperly below 32°F/0°C or above 95°F/35°C. This is somewhat manufacturer agnostic. In cases like this its best to keep either a portable battery or a real camera—like a DSLR or mirrorless—close at hand when this happens. 

By the time problem gets fixed, you’re going to miss the shot.

Besides, what will most likely happen is that the phone will restart at close to 1%. The best solution for this is to carry a backup portable battery to restart the thing properly. Even The New York Times has reported on this.

Here’s what we found in our previous poll:

Map Happy found 42% of readers preferred using their smartphone camera to take pictures more than anything else… The second most popular option (22%) was to mix it up with a variety of devices depending on the occasion. After smartphone cameras, DSLR were the most preferred, followed by point-and-shoots.

So worth noting.

Bring a Backup Phone Battery for the Extreme Cold or Heat via @maphappy
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