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Can You Drop Off Luggage Early at the Hotel?

There is usually little reason to worry, even if it is a day or a few days ahead of check-in.

Most hotels are not only happy to store luggage after check out, but they are also happy to accept luggage before guests check in to their room. 

It’s a fact that often escapes travelers when they’re adding a few days before a long stay, but aren’t interested in hauling all their stuff with them. Sometimes you’re only out somewhere else for a night, until the real part of the trip happens.

This is a space-dependent thing, so it may not be available everywhere (a few Airbnbs we have stayed at in the past weren’t clearly set up for this), but the vast 99.9% of hostels and hotels are willing to hold luggage, even for a while. Definitely call the hotel in advance to secure the early drop off before making the trek.

(It is not entirely uncommon to see travelers leave luggage for a week or more; of course, that’s territory where the hotel may actually charge for it. Still, it beats the inconvenience of lugging around a heavy rig.)

Can You Drop Off Luggage Early at the Hotel? via @maphappy
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