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Comparing Uber Ride Pass Against the Lyft Pink Monthly Subscription

First of all, I’m not convinced ride passes are the way to go even for the most frequent Lyft and Uber users.

The Uber and Lyft war, which we have been covering since the dawn of time, has gotten repetitive. It’s almost like competition whiplash (at least for us), but it’s been interesting watching them force the other’s hand. Enter the monthly subscription, a “discount” program they are both now offering to frequent riders.

(Lyft recently announced Pink, but hasn’t officially rolled it out yet. It is expected to launch fairly soon.)

Spending money to save money seems like such a cheap business tactic, but let’s roll with it to see if this is actually worth anybody’s time.

Lyft claims Pink is for riders who take 2-3 rides+ per week, but really we think it’s for people that spend over $133 in a given month on Lyft.

Uber Ride PassLyft Pink
Break Even2$125$133.33
Waived Cancel Fees
Airport Pickupsn/aPriority
Lost and found feesWaived
Bikes and scootersDaily, up to 30 minutes free3 free 30-minute rides

There’s a lower spend on Uber to break even on the monthly pass, but it probably needs to be considered against whether there’s a cheaper ridesharing option available in a specific city.

In our estimation, if you’re a bike and scooter person, Uber Ride Pass offers the best value, which allows a free 30 minutes on JUMP bikes and scooters every day (this is Uber’s version).

It’s interesting to note Uber Ride Pass doesn’t cover any cancellation fees (up to $10) or any lost and found fees ($15). Those prone to accidents should definitely consider the Lyft program instead.

2 footnotes

  1. On all rides.
  2. Minimum spend for a rider to recoup monthly cost price.
Comparing Uber Ride Pass Against the Lyft Pink Monthly Subscription via @maphappy
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