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Does Basic Economy Ever Make Sense?

Actually it can. Not in every situation, but for some circumstances, if the trip is short enough and you’re a great packer, basic economy can be a chance to save some money. It isn’t really the time to be bringing heels (unless you’re wearing them), though.

For example, I could probably wear most of my purse in my winter coat if I’m flying to a winter destination (it has a lot of pockets). How do I know this? Because I do this at home, in New York.

Things to consider:

  • Is the personal item big enough? This Lo & Sons O.M.G bag could probably make it work.
  • How long is the trip? If it’s under three days and don’t need to pack much, it’s a real chance to practice efficient packing. Or if you’re okay with rewearing clothes. (But never underwear, cause that’s gross.)
  • Do you have a small backpack or weekender? Suitcases aren’t really going to cut it.
  • How much do you save? Is the difference under $25 for another airline or for a more expensive fare?
  • Do you plan on bringing things back? In that case, forget it.

Things to mull over.

Does Basic Economy Ever Make Sense? via @maphappy
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