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Tell Us How Much Your Trip Really Cost.

No shame here, but we were fully inspired by Refinery29’s money diaries to want to ask you how much you actually spend on a trip.1

Besides, we are secure enough to admit when we don’t have an original idea.

Real talk, how much did you spend on hotels and hostels, the Michelin prixe fix lunch, the booze, and flying over the Nazca lines? How much was incurred in foreign transaction fees? (I mean, if you’re that fastidious about the money tracking, by all means.)

There are a couple of things that we want to do differently, though. We want this to include travelers of all genders and walks of life, so even if there’s a little one in tow, we want to hear about this. Plus, the truth is, that in this day and age, many people are using points to pay for a substantial amount of things.

Travel editors also don’t travel like normal people.2 In our gilded life, tourism representatives wine and dine us, and we stand at the freakin’ center of Mexico, in the crypt that houses all the archbishops (seriously).

So we’re relying on you to tell us! Aside from blogging about our occasional, once-a-year vacation where we’re forced to pay for things. 😅3

Pro Tip Our budgeting spreadsheet is not only helpful for tracking expenses, but also for submitting this diary. 😉

3 footnotes

  1. It’s okay, because we’re pretty sure Refinery29’s Money Diaries ripped off The Billfold, for another bit of trivia in the digital age of the Internet. RIP.
  2. Sometimes we do, but sometimes, not really. And if this is us, imagine those CondΓ© Nast Traveler editors!
  3. There were many, many years where we paid for everything. One year, we tallied it up and was so horrified that we never did it again.
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