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Global Entry Begins Accepting New York Applications Again

Is everything happy news again? Or are we simply appreciating the little things more?

The Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday that it would once begin processing New York applications for Global Entry again. It was originally suspended in February, and though there was a lot of initial outrage to get it overturned, I don’t think anyone needs a recap of what happened over the last four months.

There is one little hiccup, though: Trusted Traveler Program enrollment centers, where Global Entry interviews happen, are closed through September 8. The only loophole around this is enrollment on arrival, which may be limited for folks that aren’t traveling (and many aren’t these days).

Fortunately, there’s currently an 18-month grace period on Global Entry renewal.

But yay, Happy Friday! Count those wins.

Global Entry Begins Accepting New York Applications Again via @maphappy
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