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Dealing With Exploding Liquids in Checked Baggage

Put a plastic bag on it. To prevent a volcano in your suitcase.

Don’t tempt fate, cause it’s gonna happen.

Sometimes I even double bag because there’s absolutely nothing more fun than cleaning shampoo off your clothes and the contents of your suitcase. There’s also another option: Besides putting all liquids in a plastic bag—even in checked bags!—Lifehacker suggests covering the mouth of the bottle with Saran wrap and then screwing the tops on.

Kinda like this:

But even then, I’d probably play it safe and throw it in a Ziploc bag.

Blogger Mark Minasi also offers up another suggestion: just make sure there’s no air in the bottle. He quickly explains why suitcases explode:

Thus, if you put a shampoo bottle that’s half full in your checked luggage, it’s half full of liquid shampoo and half full of gaseous air. The air expands once the plane is at 35,000 feet but the shampoo doesn’t. The expanding air then pushes the shampoo out of the bottle. But if there’s no air in the shampoo bottle, then the changing air pressure outside the bottle doesn’t affect the liquid contents of the bottle, and all of the goop stays in the bottle.

So wherever possible, squeeze your bottles until there’s no air inside and then cap the bottle, or buy squeezable plastic containers for travel and fill them with the shampoo, moisturizer or whatever before every trip. That’s also why it’s important to squeeze any air out of a Ziploc baggie before putting it in checked luggage. Remember: gas expands and contracts under pressure, liquid doesn’t.

There you go, folks.

Dealing With Exploding Liquids in Checked Baggage via @maphappy
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