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How To Bring the Feeling of Travel to Home

It’s been so long that spring forward… is practically jet lag, no? Is that even right?

There was a time when we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring HOME along on the road (can anyone remember those days?). Now it seems like I’d die to get that hotel feel back into my house.

Do you remember all of those petty things like lounge access? (Loooove lounge access.) But remember trying to cook in a hotel room?

I mean, will we remember even how to travel? (I don’t think that will be a problem.)

Toss your passport on top of a drawer to give you that hotel feel.

Oh shit, this shit is dusty.

Live out of a suitcase.

Go to your closet. Take out the packing cubes & suitcase, and proceed to pack the suitcase full of clothes. Like we are all going on one big trip.

Put said suitcase on the floor, prop it against the wall and proceed to live out of it for the next couple of days.


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No one will judge you for staging the room. (Simply Luxury Travel / Flickr)

Eat microwaved box dinners on a TV tray.

I don’t think there’s a lot of explanation needed here.

Snack on some nuts.

Peanuts or mixed nuts. Hazelnuts, walnuts, and any other nuts out of the ordinary are slightly too fancy, and if you want to go the extra mile [GET IT?], airline nut mixes are actually available for purchase.

(I mean, these are very snackable while you WFH or wherever you’re working from.)

Put on noise-canceling headphones.

For extra effect, play the sound of wailing babies.

(Depending on your exact situation, you may not need to. In that case, assign your spouse as a temporary caregiver while you indulge in fantasies of being alone forever. For added realism, it is best if your spouse allows the child to run “up and down the aisle” over and over again.)

We checked out the Internet for you:

So, put on those headphones, turn up Headspace and drown yourself away in the Kindle.

Drink some shitty wine.

🍻.. or 🍷. Does it matter which?

Bonus points

Play a video of an airplane taking off inside the washing machine door.

Just don’t turn on the washing machine.


Quarantine day 14 got me like… 😩😂 ##fy##fyp##foryou##foryoupage

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