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How To Register and Get Your Absentee Ballot

Because you’re out of the country gives you no excuse not to vote! Come on, clickie and find out how to do your patriotic duty and be glad you’re not Australian.

The Federal Voting Assistance Program is a program designed for military members and U.S. citizens living or stationed abroad who can’t make it to a polling station for, well, the obvious reasons. This is where you can register and request a ballot.

On the web site, citizens will have to register for their Federal Post Card Application, which will require them to have their driver’s license, Social Security number and a couple key pieces of information. This can be submitted online through the local county/state, but if it doesn’t work, it has to be done the old-school fashioned way using postage (no last minute voting here, peeps).

The beauty, though, is that voters can choose to request their ballot to be delivered by either snail mail, fax, or through the wonderful technology of email.

Once that’s done, voters have to wait to get approved and wait for their ballot to be received. Unfortunately, most people will likely have to submit their absentee ballot through mail or fax, depending on the state being voted in. It can also be sent off to the local U.S. embassy and consulate, but remember international mail is a doozy – this should all be done at least a month out.

Pro Tip If you mail your vote, you should post it from a foreign post office or your ballot can be invalidated.

Luckily voters may also submit the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot if you haven’t gotten your ballot yet by mailing it or completing it online. Now as to who you vote for – well, that’s the nice thing about choice and making your voice heard, isn’t it?

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