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Now You Can Earn British Airways Avios for Airbnb Stays

Great for racking up some quick miles on one of the best frequent flyer programs for flight redemptions.

Everyone’s got a preference: Some like the hostel thing, others prefer Airbnbs, and then there are those devoted to hotels. Personally, it’s always great to go for the best value. However, British Airways will now let loyalty members earn points for Airbnb stays.

Basically, existing Airbnb and British members earn 3 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spend. New Airbnb customers can earn 500 Avios as a welcome bonus.

In order to receive the points, it has to be booked through British Airways’ Airbnb portal.

For instance, 6,000 Avios points—definitely enough for a flight redemption—requires a $2,000 spend. It’s not an astronomical amount, depending on how much someone is traveling.

If anything, it’s a great way to build upon a current Avios point strategy, without exerting too much extra effort. Now, that’s what I call travel hacking!

Now You Can Earn British Airways Avios for Airbnb Stays via @maphappy
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