Star Alliance’s Flight Search Engine Just Became Usable

Finding flights is one thing, booking things are another, though one might think these things should naturally and intuitively go together.

Star Alliance announced yesterday that they revamped their entire flight search engine to be now bookable, even if the itinerary covers multiple airlines, thanks to a partnership with Skyscanner. Customers can not only find the best Star Alliance routes now, but also book them directly on the airline.

A Star Alliance spokesman further clarified to us:

In the past, the flight search feature did not permit us to offer multiple carriers in the same itinerary. Rather, it would refer the booking to a single member carrier website. Now, using the SkyScanner meta-search feature, more complex itineraries that involve more than one member carrier can now be booked.

Star Alliance currently covers 28 member airlines, with more than 18,800 daily flights to over 1,300 airport destinations in 193 countries. The alliance further claims that Star Alliance now offers coverage to 98% of the world.

If you’re loyal to a Star Alliance airlineβ€”all 46% of youβ€”then this is worthy news for making sure all those points and miles are getting to the right spot.

(Also, important for hitting status. Me love status and lounge access.)

Star Alliance’s Flight Search Engine Just Became Usable via @maphappy
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