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Staying at a Hotel? Don’t Pack These Things.

There’s absolutely nothing I love more than a half-full carry-on suitcase for the week (*whispers* for the souvenirs).

Hotels are stocked with a treasure trove of things, from ironing boards to questionable Keurig coffee machines. It’s a shame most people still cling to full-on neuroticism that doesn’t leave space—quite literally—in their suitcase.

Depending on how fussy you are—I’m pretty good if you throw me a bar of soap, surprisingly—the list of things to pack can be pretty minuscule depending on what you rely the hotel to supply. On the current trip, I have sometimes (unnecessarily) entered into a state of anxiety that something crucial was left behind, only to realize that I do in fact have everything I need.

There’s no better feeling than realizing everything packed was Marie Kondo’d in advance. More room for the good stuff, in my opinion.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

On every single trip I’ve taken in the past decade, forgetting the toothbrush and toothpaste seems to take on a saga of epic proportions that could match a teenage girl’s angst about not making the high school softball team.

Fortunately, most hotels have these stocked in the back, if not in the room, in case.

(They won’t stock underwear if you’ve left that.)

The major toiletries

Hotel stays are great as grab bags to try out different brands I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to try. (Turns out we’re not bag fans of Malin + Goetz, but Holiday Inn was rocking the toiletry section the last time we stayed. Who would have thought?)

Though many hotels are starting to eliminate single-use toiletries in favor of the environment, it does not mean that still needs to be packed.

Let’s list them out: Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash. Outside face wash and moisturizer, aren’t those the biggies?


Be free of one more object, my dear.


Our packing rule of thumb: In every suitcase, each traveler is allowed one “cardinal sin” item, which is usually a big or bulky single-purpose item like a hairdryer or heels (but not both!).


Because, unless you plan on showing up to the meeting in hoodies and Allbirds, it’s nice to show up in clothes that have been pressed.

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