THE LIST: These Travel Insurance Providers Offer COVID Coverage

Let’s be realistic: Coronavirus is likely going to be a part of our lives for a good long while.This doesn’t mean overseas travel will always be off the table. So now that we’ve covered whether travel insurance is worth it,let’s look at which providers and plans offer protection against this disease that has penetrated every facet of our lives.

Meaning, which of them provide trip cancellation, trip interruption, and/or medical coverage if you, your travel companion, and/or an immediate family member receive a COVID-19 diagnosis just before or during your trip.

“A lot more U.S. travel insurance companies are working specifically on incorporating COVID coverage,” says Patrick Young, head of travel partnerships at CoverGenius.

In fact, even airlines are getting into the act, with both Emirates and Virgin Atlantic now providing free COVID-19 insurance1 (and quarantine) coverage for travel booked with them through October 31 (Emirates) and March 31, 2021 (Virgin Atlantic).

“However, it’s not quite as common as you might think. In part,” Young says, “because airlines and hoteliers have been lifting what are typically strict cancellation rules. At the moment there’s very little risk in travel, which is largely what makes travel insurance so lucrative.”

There’s also relatively few people traveling, so there’s a lesser need for travel insurance in the first place. While this allows providers additional time to amend their existing policies and/or add specific COVID-19 coverage to the mix, it also leaves travelers in a sort of gray area.

For example, if you are planning a trip to, say, Egypt or the Hondurasboth currently open to U.S. travelers—in the coming month, how can you be sure you’re not shit out of luck should a positive COVID test wreck havoc on those travel plans?

One way is to check out this handy chart that provides info on which travel insurance providers are covering what these days. It also includes info on whether or not they’re still offering Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance, which a lot of companies stopped selling once COVID took hold.

NameGenerally speaking…2Treated as any other illness?Trip CancellationTrip InterruptionMedicalQuarantinesCFARNotes
AIGNoMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeUnclearYesMostly applies to policies purchased before March 11, 2020.
AllianzNoMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeUnclearNoCOVID claims are being accommodated for a temporary period.

This plan does not cover losses directly or indirectly due to government-imposed travel bans or similar restrictions related to COVID-19.

TravelexNoMaybeMaybeMaybeMaybeUnclearNoIncludes exceptions should a non-traveling family member be diagosed with the virus.
April International Yes
(Pandemic Plus)
No100%150%$50,000 medical expenses (primary);
$500,000 evacuation/repatriation
NoYesThis plan does not cover losses directly or indirectly due to government-imposed travel bans or similar restrictions related to COVID-19.

Coverage is not available while traveling in the following countries: Crimea (Ukraine), Iran, North Korea, and the Sudan.

Trawick International YesYes100%100-150%$50,000-$250,00 medical expenses;
$200,000-$1,000,000 evacuation/repatriation
YesYesIncludes exceptions should a non-traveling family member be diagnosed with the virus.
SafetyWingYes.YesNo$5,000$100,000 evacuationNoN/AGenerally requires a positive diagnosis in order to be covered or be deemed medically necessary (antibody test not included).
Seven CornersYesNounclear$5,000$50,000-$100,000 medical expenses;
$250,000-$1,000,000 evacuation/repatriation
NoYesThe pandemic plan is a separate policy aside from the general travel insurance plan.

Young believes COVID-specific coverage is something that customers will feel more comfortable traveling with in the future, “So there’s a possibility that you’ll be seeing much more of it in the coming months,” he says. “Especially once travel picks back up.”

Remember, every company and every policy is different, so always read the fine print. It may seem like a pain in the ass at the moment, but just imagine the financial heartache it can save further down the line.

2 footnotes

  1. In each case, the airline vows to cover COVID medical expenses abroad if a traveler is diagnosed with the virus while on the road.
  2. Please read the fine print!
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