The MacBook Has Its Own (Travel) Adapter System

God save all the hipsters before you have to go out and buy a new power adapter for the laptop.

Quite unsurprisingly, the MacBook has its own travel adapter system. If you’ve ever stared at the power pack and wondered why that weird double prong like thing slides out so (why it is a two-piece power adapter, essentially), this is exactly what that does.

Get it?

In our opinion, a universal travel adapter is much more functional than buying the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit ($29), but it might be a good thing to keep in mind with so many Apple users worldwide.

(Sometimes you forget to pack a travel adapter. Sometimes you crash with friends. Sometimes said friends also own MacBooks, but a different continental edition.)

The newest MacBooks that use the USB-C power adapter also work like this (thanks reader Ted!). Essentially, for the laptops that use the MagSafe power connectors, this should help outโ€”a lot.

The MacBook Has Its Own (Travel) Adapter System via @maphappy
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