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Vote! Lyft and Uber Are Offering Heavily Discounted Rides on Election Day

It is always important to vote. This year, both Uber and Lyft will be offering heavily discounted rides to the polls so that citizens can vote and make their voice heard.

Lyft is offering completely free rides in some cases, while Uber is offering a flat $10 discount off the cheapest ride available. To prevent any confusion, most of the deals are to the polls, not from the polls.

If there’s any question as to whether you should vote, let’s say I’ll be hopping the Amtrak back from Boston to New York and skipping a $50 4-course prix fixe with wine pairing just specifically to vote.


Lyft is offering 50% off any standard ride to a polling location on Election Day, up to $5. In order to receive the discount, head on over to Buzzfeed to type in the zip code for the region-specific discount code.

(Not sure why there couldn’t be a national blanket discount code?)

It will sorta end up looking like this.

For underserved communities, Lyft will provide rides free of cost through nonpartisan, nonprofit partners, including Voto Latino, local Urban League affiliates, the National Federation of the Blind, Faith in Action, League of Women Voters, and the Student Vets of America. It’s unclear how to access these codes, though, and we suspect voters must be members.


Uber seems to have turned around quite a bit since Travis Kalanick left; this year, the company will be offering $10 off a single ride to the polls on Election Day on the most affordable Uber option available in that city (Express POOL, POOL, or UberX, in that order).

Riders can go ahead and enter the promotional code VOTE2018 in the app ahead of time.

In order to access it, users can tap PaymentAdd Promo Code.

Quick note: The one state that is exempted from this discount is Michigan (not sure quite why). It also doesn’t apply in other U.S. territories like Puerto Rico.

Vote! Lyft and Uber Are Offering Heavily Discounted Rides on Election Day via @maphappy
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