Would You Book Your Next Trip on Google Destinations?

Google has released something new!! Oh my god, stop everything.

Google has unveiled a new travel tool mobile thing called Google Destinations. I can’t provide more details until I intravenously drip coffee into my veins. (Chugging coffee.)

Here’s the gist: Book your next trip when you’re randomly Googling places on your phone! When that guy at the party won’t take the hint and you need to fly to another continent, stat. And actually, Google Destinations only applies to intra-country travel, not international travel. Meaning, it can’t do something like Rome to Madrid, but it can certainly do something like Paris to Nice to Bordeaux.

It also doesn’t work on desktop. Call me paranoid, but I only book on desktop.

There are interesting salient points about Google Destinations, though. TechCrunch reports that:

In addition to estimating the cost of a flight and hotel, it allows users to switch their travel dates to help show when prices are at their lowest, or the cost at a particular time of the year. There’s also an ‘Explore’ tab to give you a snapshot of the weather at each destination, an important factor when planning a trip.

Mashable concurs, adding:

The service includes information on peak tourist times (which might be more valuable as advice for when not to go), as well as average temperatures and precipitation during different times of the year.

For each destination, Google will offer itinerary ideas, like a seven-day road trip through Spain from Seville to Barcelona.


Would You Book Your Next Trip on Google Destinations? via @maphappy
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