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Texts From the Boarding Gate

Standing in line is boring but using it as time to get lost in a text conversation is not. *Warning: This contains material that is NSFW.* read more »


How To Cancel a Trip If Someone Dies

If you’re reading this, it’s not good. It means something bad has happened to a loved one of yours and that, also, something has happened to one of mine. read more »


Book a Refundable First-Class Ticket To Get Lounge Access

There are tricks and then there are tricks. This is one of the dirtier ones. read more »

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Long Layover Ahead of You? These Airlines Will Hook You Up With Free Hotel

Suddenly a half-day at the airport can turn into a free four-star hotel stay. Where’s the sign-up sheet? read more »


Travel 101: How To Fill Out a U.S. Customs Form

The first time I filled out a customs form, I was super nervous I was going to fill it out wrong and end up in jail forever. (I was 18.) read more »


Map Happy Is Looking for Summer Interns

It’s that time again! We are looking for full-time interns (~30 hours) for summer 2015. read more »

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The Cenzo Duffle Delivers a First-Class Bag at a Fraction of the Price

This bag makes me want to go and book a Singapore Airlines First Class suite and then drink so much champagne that the flight attendant has to drag me off at the end of the flight. And I would totally do that, if it didn’t mean I’d have to declare bankruptcy after. read more »


Why Private Hostel Rooms Are Terrible Deals

In fact, more often than not, they’re practically the same price as hotels. read more »


When You Shouldn’t Take the Voucher

A mechanical problem has changed the plane’s flight status from delayed (after another posted delay) to canceled. You’re absolutely exhausted and sooo over this. read more »


Say It Right: “Where Is the Pharmacy?”

Filling a prescription while traveling is a daunting task and it seems like knowing where to find meds is half the battle. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Morocco Travel

l doubt I’m alone in saying that Casablanca put visions of visiting Morocco a long time ago. Intoxicating souks, winding through the streets, taking in the scents and smells and amicably haggling with merchant wearing a fez (language barriers don’t exist in travel daydreams, obviously). read more »


The Most Useless Travel Products To Pack

There’s the good, bad and ugly of travel gear. I bristle when I think about all the gear I’ve purchased thinking I’d “need” it and then went untouched for months. read more »

Apple market in Morocco. (Ard Hesselink / Flickr)

How To Protect and Pack Bras for the Road

Every single time I pack I think to myself, I’ll be damned if I can figure out a good way to pack a bra. Every single time. read more »


Do You Use Tinder When You’re Traveling?

I personally don’t but that doesn’t stop people from swiping right. read more »


The Only Time It’s Cheaper to Check In Than Carry On

Strangely, is on a flight with Frontier. read more »

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