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The True Guide to Proper Airport Etiquette

DEAR ABBY, there are so many rude passengers over the holidays. How do I prevent myself from becoming like one of these terrible people? Is there a way to deal with them? — Frustrated at LAX read more »


Why Credit Card Points Aren’t the New Miles

Since United and Delta changed the way miles are earned, everyone has been advocating the nearest credit card as the best way to get points. The math still shows flying is cheaper. read more »


Refund.me Claims Comp for EU Flight Delays

If there’s a silver lining to flight cancellations, delays or denied boarding it’s that getting screwed in the EU or with an EU airline can be profitable. For us. read more »

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Why It’s Smart To Take the Bus for Regional Travel

Just because something isn’t popular Stateside doesn’t mean it isn’t happening elsewhere. In other parts of the world, it’s bus or bust. read more »


The likemary Oversize Scarf Is a Fashionable Blanket

A scarf goes a long way when traveling — and I think that statement holds for both men and women. read more »


The Cold, Hard Truth About ISIC Card Benefits

It’s been a few years since I’ve been eligible for discounted student flights but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten — those were my glory days. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Portugal Travel

Spain unfailingly gets rounded up into all cool and considered about Europe but its Iberian neighbor Portugal is almost always overlooked. read more »


The GoCup and GoTubb Are Pill Boxes on Steroids

Is it a pill box? A travel cup? A portable measuring cup? Do I even need all of this shit? read more »


What To Do if the Passport Expires Before the Visa

There are many circumstances in which a passport’s life might extend that of a visa. read more »

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I’m The Everywhereist and This Is How I Travel

I’ll confess I have something of a girl crush on Geraldine DeRuiter, better known on the worldwide web as The Everywhereist. All it takes is a look at the tagline of her insanely widely read blog—”That’s right. She went there.” it reads—to get an idea of who she is and how she writes: smart, approachable and funny all the way. read more »


Is There a Legal Drinking Age on Planes?

Since I’m under 21, legal drinking is one of my favorite parts about traveling abroad. But what if you want a drink in international airspace? read more »


The Herschel Bowen Travel Duffle Is a Solid Weekender

There are lots of weekend bags out there. The Herschel Supply Bowen Travel Duffle happens to be a good one out of the many, many mediocre ones. read more »


Reviewing Zimride, the City-to-City Rideshare Service

Zimride is Lyft but for inter-city travel. Which is a little funny because if you know the story, Lyft was launched as an offshoot of Zimride. read more »

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The Best Gifts and Gadgets for Travelers on the Road

If I get another travel journal this year, I may possibly gag. Get anything me off of this list, though, and I’ll have to wife/husband you. read more »


The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Just because it’s a “deal” doesn’t mean it’s a great deal. Each year we ditch the riffraff to cull the best list evar. read more »

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