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Poll: Which Seat Would You Pick Between These Two?

I was just trying to pick between the lesser of these two evils for my flight tomorrow. Explain in the comments!


Pass Your Driver’s License Off as a Student ID

In my early 20s, I would have probably done anything to save a buck. read more »


The Most Foolproof Ways To Pack Jewelry

Here are some of the best methods I’ve found for packing bling even if you’re the absentminded sort — no bulky organizer required. read more »

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How to Travel During a Snowpocalypse

Unfortunately, Arctic dogsledding is not an option for most travelers this week. Here’s what to do if Winter Storm Juno has you trapped under her cold, icy thumb. read more »


The Easiest Ways To Score a Hotel Upgrade

While surprise hotel upgrades have fallen into my lap time to time, they happen most when I’ve taken some sort of simple, strategic step. read more »


Extend Your Whatsapp Subscription for Free

If you’re a big Whatsapp user, I’ll let you in on a secret. You probably don’t need to pay for the service. read more »


It’s Not Worth It To Check In Just for Liquids

You’re really going to shell out $25 for a bag when it costs $3-4 max for a shampoo bottle at your destination? Think about it.

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Your Personal Guide To Moving Abroad

Between Karina and me living abroad for almost nine years collectively—and Sydney jetting off for New Zealand soon—we’ve cornered the market on this. read more »


Say It Right: “Can You Take a Photo?”

Call me old school but I’m not in constant possession of a selfie stick. Knowing how to ask someone to take a photo seems like the next best thing. read more »


Why You Want To Avoid the Car Rental Airport Pickup

It’s almost always more expensive renting a car from the airport versus picking it up in town. Just go to town. read more »


How To Enable Offline Maps in the Google Maps App

Guess what! Google Maps has a hidden offline feature that can be used anywhere. read more »

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The Quick Lowdown to Hong Kong

I used to watch the boats sail back and forth in the harbor from my cubicle and this junk (or boat) was always a distinctive blot on the waterfront. When I moved to Hong Kong, I didn’t believe there could be a city crazier than New York. read more »


Watch the Weight of Carry-On Baggage

If the bag fits” in the overhead compartment, then it’s good to go as a carry-on is what I always thought. read more »


Marriott Rewards Members Now Get Free Wi-Fi

Who would have thunk Marriott would give away free Wi-Fi? You don’t even need status because all you need to do is to sign up as a Marriott Rewards member. read more »

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Bringing the Comforts of Home Along on a Trip

The most common complaint I ever hear from people traveling is that they miss the comforts of home. I have solved this problem for you because I am just as lazy at home as when I’m traveling. read more »

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