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There’s a Misspelled Name on the Plane Ticket

I was skimming an email confirmation I got from British Airways this morning when something made my eyes pop. They had spelled my little sister’s name wrong. read more »


How To Cross the Street (Almost Anywhere)

Do not follow the crowd, especially if the crowd is just a bunch of tourists. It’s the blind leading the blind. read more »


Read This Before Listing Your Place As a Vacation Rental

The sharing economy is one of seemingly endless opportunity. (Have car, will drive for cash.) read more »

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Why British Airways Is the Best Frequent Flyer Program for Free Flights in the U.S.

If you’ve got to book a domestic award ticket within the continental U.S., British Airways is probably the best program to use. It’s downright fascinating that, in this case, you’d probably want to use an airline that isn’t even based here. read more »


Learn Languages Like a Diplomat From the FSI

The Foreign Service trains U.S. diplomats all around the world. It’s a good thing then that a good chunk of their language lessons are just sitting there online for free. read more »


Getting Into Contact With Airline Customer Service

Part of running a travel blog is that I always seem to have all the airlines on speed dial, for better or for worse. Here’s the cheat sheet. read more »

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The Best Credit and Debit Cards for Traveling

I think the time when Ben Franklin’s old adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” rings truest is when I’m traveling abroad. ATM and foreign transaction fees just add up too fast. read more »


Who Has the Best Internet in the Entire World?

Oh good lord, this made me wish I still lived in Hong Kong. I guess I can settle for being number 26. read more »


What Airlines Don’t Tell You About That Free Bag

It has nothing to do with the credit cards. This actually has more to do with the checked bags after you’ve exceeded your free bag limit. read more »


PreCheck Will Soon Be For Those Who Paid For It

Since PreCheck rolled out in 2011, TSA has continued to expand and refine the program, which almost seemed too good to be true at first. read more »

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Case Studies: HotelTonight Is for Last-Minute Splurges

The HotelTonight premise is simple. Mobile users can book empty hotels rooms at the very last minute for awesome savings, which to me is either profoundly brilliant or insane. But how much do you actually save? read more »


How Much Do Travelers Actually Get It On?

The stats will surprise you. If it’s been a while, turns out there’s no better way to get back in the swing of things than by literally getting around. read more »


The Poor Man’s Solution to Beach-Proofing Phones

This weekend, I was on the beach sipping a margarita when a volleyball knocked my drink down. I watched in horror as the liquid pooled around my $700 phone. read more »


When It Makes Sense To Upgrade to First Class

Domestic first class isn’t all that great but there is one scenario that upgrading might actually be worth it. read more »

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Splitwise Is the Best Group Travel Expense Calculator

Heading to Colorado and renting out a house with a group of your friends is awesome. But figuring out who owes who what at the end is like entering the seventh circle of hell. read more »

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