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Quick Reminder: Airbnb Rentals Are Negotiable

Remember that you can always negotiate with your Airbnb host for a better deal. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!


How To Find Fifth Freedom Flights

Now that you know how cool fifth freedom flights really are, this is how you find one. read more »

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This Is How Long Travel-Sized Toothpaste Will Last You

Ever since Erica answered the all-important question of how long travel-sized shampoo lasts, I’ve been wondering about the life expectancy of other travel-size items. Like… how long should a travel-size toothpaste last? read more »


The Makeup Packing Question

TSA explicitly states anything in liquid form—from mascara to nail polish—must be packed into a clear quart bag. Girls, all that worry is pretty much unfounded. read more »


Things That Will Get You Kicked Off Amtrak

There are lots of things that can get you kicked off an Amtrak train. One of those things is a gerbil. read more »

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The Quickest Way To Earn Star Alliance Gold

Everyone is upset over the fact it’s not so easy to earn Star Alliance Gold on Aegean Air anymore. That’s not true: it’s still one of the easiest ways to beat the system. There’s just a Grecian vacation in your future now. read more »


SPG Rewards Officially Loves Uber

It’s a good thing at least someone loves Uber, because I don’t love Travis Kalanick, who’s possibly the worst human being on earth. But maybe you love Starwood and free hotel stays! read more »


How Hotels Scam Travelers on Existing Reservations

Apparently, it isn’t uncommon for hotels to upcharge travelers to the most expensive nightly rate, without them realizing it. read more »


This CollegeHumor Vid Is Totally Worth Watching

“How do you let a man in a suit tell you when you get to be naked in the sun?”


Beware of Booking Plane Fares for Residents

The quest for plane tickets can drive us to jump through all sorts of proverbial hoops, like hiding our location and changing our language until we find—ta da!—that cheap golden ticket. read more »


The Real Cost of Luggage Delivery Services

Luggage delivery services are silly because I figure it’s just cheaper to fly it back on the plane. But there comes a time where you’ve gotta back it up. read more »


Do You Have a Preferred Airline Alliance?

Don’t worry, if you’re a freewheeling hippie that has no allegiance, we can still be friends too. Jump in the comments and let us know why!


When You Should Complain to the Airline

I have a knack for spotting frequent complainer flyers. They’re the ones in the security line or across the gate, ready to complain about anything and everything. read more »

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The Difference Between Solo and Group Travel

The topic has been written ad nauseam but I feel compelled to dispel a few myths. For instance, you do not actually save more money by traveling with others. read more »


Should I Apply for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck?

Is a question I get asked a lot. Short answer: Global Entry includes TSA PreCheck. And it’s only $15 more. You’re welcome!

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