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The Basic Elements of Crafting an Awesome Photo

It’s time to amp up the Facebook envy some. But that’s only achieved by knowing what elements come together to make a great vacation photo. read more »


Load Up on Dramamine for Those Boat Rides

I don’t know why we’re still talking about this. If you’re prone to seasickness, carry some around. read more »

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The Essential Toolkit for Surviving a Plane Flight

On every overnight flight I’ve ever been on, the flight attendants would cruise past, just as chipper and polished as ever. It was clear I needed to learn their ways — so I did. read more »


Most Hotels Will Accept Your Packages

If you need a package stat, you can often have it sent to your temporary place of abode where they will hold it for you. Mail comes to hotels, too. read more »


Why You Will Always Lose Two Days on Your Trip

Those two days you’re traveling? If you’re planning a trip, make sure to account for those lost days in your itinerary. read more »


United Check-In No Longer Guarantees Status Benefits

Earlier this year, I decided to bail on United’s frequent flyer program. I was switching to another Star Alliance airline but wanted to keep all my perks. read more »

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Are Luxury Hotels Worth Splurging On?

I was trying to play it cool, looking at the countless number of buttons inside the Rolls Royce, when I shot a glance across at my friend. “I just want to play with them,” I whispered to her. read more »


Entire Row on the Plane? You’ll Need a Wingman

There was once a man, a woman and a middle seat. This is the story of how they landed an entire row on the plane by themselves. read more »


How To Avoid Car Rental Frequent Flyer Fees

Renting a car is a great opportunity to earn miles with your airline’s frequent flyer program. The only bad thing is the surcharge for it. read more »

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The Best Snacks for Traveling

“You have hollandaise sauce on your performance fleece,” my eating companion muttered to me last week. And this was just at a stationary dining table. Throw in travel and we now have a recipe for disaster. read more »


Sick or Injured? You Need To Know This Before Flying

Earlier this year I broke my foot a couple weeks before a stint of traveling. I was determined not to change course, though, and limped on and off many flights. read more »


Follow Us on Instagram To Win Travel Gear

Do you have this thing called Instagram? Because if you do, you should follow us and jealously ogle at our tantalizing Fiji pictures. read more »


Postpone Bookings To Kill Hotel Cancellation Fees

Now here’s an ingenious way to pretty much get out of any last-minute hotel reservation without being penalized. read more »

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I’m Ben Schlappig and This Is How I Travel

It’s not often that I meet someone crazier than me. Ben Schlappig has been running the One Mile at a Time blog since early 2008, so I caught up with this veteran to see if he’s had any tips he’s picked up along the way. read more »


Say It Right: “What Is the Wi-Fi Password?”

It doesn’t matter how tired I am; I’ve asked this at 6 am after rolling off a 12-hour red-eye trip. I need my Facebook fix, goddamnit. read more »

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