Just Landed Times You for Perfect Airport Pick Ups

I know exactly who I can send this app to. Thank god, they have an iPhone. Talk about never having to wait to be picked up at the airport again, and vice versa.

Just Landed is a new iPhone app that lets you know when you should leave the house to pick someone up – after taking into account road traffic, real-time flight data and where you are. Supernatural perfect timing, it’s so genius! Though I’m not in a place where I can realistically test it, the app’s estimates seemed about right. (It only supports the UK, US, Canada and France at the moment.)

It’ll go so far as to monitor for delays, early arrivals, terminal changes and canceled flights. Of course, Just Landed won’t just tell you to leave with no advance warning notice: the app will notify you five minutes before you have to leave so you can get ready, and will beep when you actually have to vamoose. The app will adjust for your driving time by figuring out when you’ve changed cell towers.

There’s no app for Android yet, though the developers have promised to look into it depending how well the iOS version does. The app is free for a limited time, though your phone will need a gyroscope to use it. Now if your friends could only be more efficient in getting out of the airport and didn’t take 20 minutes to get their bags…

[iTunes: Just Landed]

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