Roger Nelson / Flickr

Introducing Map Sherpa, Our Resident Llama

Got a question for us? Well, we’ve pulled all the travel experts together to answer them.

Most importantly, starting today, we’re adding Map Sherpa to the team who will now be the resident llama at Map Happy. After years of seeing silly tourists stumble up the Macchu Picchu, he’s seen all it all and will be doling out his advice. And if there’s something he can’t answer, we’ll personally pull together everyone we know from Australia to South Africa to see if we can answer your question. After all, we’ve only got some 50 countries and 700,000 miles between us.

If you’ve got a burning question, whether it’s about United customer service or hot air ballooning in Turkey, send Map Sherpa an e-mail at [email protected]. He’s got you covered.

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